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My auto art part two

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More stuff...

Here's a little something to send the Porsche guys up the wall...A Porsche Primer Rod...


This might actually get built, but not by me. a modeler recently asked if he could duplicate this in scale, I said go for it...


I've always had a fetish for the 4 door sport coupe variant of the 57 Chevy. Still don't know why, but this sketch gives me a clue...


Purple haze all around, Dont know if Im comin up or down, Am I happy or in misery? What ever it is, that girl put a spell on me...


This is actually a "Photoshop Sketch" I photographed a mocked up model kit and "painted" it in photoshop. This model is inprogress waiting for paint....


This is another one...this time an MPC 1932 Chevy done as a boat tail speedster...


This is one I did for my boss at Office Depot for his 15th anniversery with the company. Yeah I'm a kiss up, so sue me!


This one ended up as "Barely 'Cuda", yeah I actually finished one!


Barely Cuda II


Barely Cuda III


Hope you like this stuff... I have more but this should tide us over. BTW if you guys want to download any of these (or any of the ones in my other post) to print out for your selves feel free. please do not post them anywhere with out asking my permission.

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Darin, Those MOPARS are freekin awesome. Do you mind if i replicate the purple 'cuda? would be honored to have that sitting on my shelf :lol:

Go right ahead george, I would be honored to have inspired a build. Thanks

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Love the '32 Chevy. Wish they would reissue that one. Love the color, the stance and the details. Very nice!

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