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What have I been doing?

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Well, figured I'd post some new pics. A few mad scientist things and some tracing I have been doing to train my eye for proportion:

How about a 50 Merc custom Funny car? The first one is a quick sketch and second is a side view.:



The next one is a 30 Model A I originally put on notebook paper in about 5 mins and then liked the design so I traced it and put it on drawing paper. Called the "Weekend Warrior" since I am in the Guard. I have been refining it.:




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The next set is some Bat vehicles. I am not a big fanatic of Batman but love the original 1940s cqar designs. So one is a quick sketch of a few takes on the design and the second is a Bat transport in the unlikely event that the car might break down and need towed. I got to thinking though if they made a new movie would it not be cool to like have this set-up in the back ground in the Bat cave?



Then these are the tracings I have been doing for the perspective thing:



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really nice starts, i like the bottom 31 ford drawing and i really dig the tbird interior drawing, nice !!!!

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