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Operation Santa

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I have done this two years in a row now where I ask for donations of preferably snap kits either new in sealed box or new in open box. Step one glue kits are alright as well. Last year we had about a dozen given to us and they all went to good homes and we had a blast having a modeling session where I got a chance to work individually with all kids to show them how to put them together and peak their interests in the hobby. I had two come back later and ask for another model which I did right out of my tiny collection. What a great feeling it was to give these kids a model and to see their eyes just light up and sparkle as they put them together and played with them when they got done! There are very few feelings better then this! What better way to know that you can touch someones life in our hobby which seems to be slowing all of the time as kids give way to playing game boxes and computers. I feel great to know that I can impact a child's life and show them that there is something other then game machines to enjoy and to even possibly spark a love life of cars! So again this year, I am asking for any help in this operation. Whether it is sending me a kit or two, or sending me funds to get kits with as one person had done last year! I am involved with a larger church this year, and still active in Scouts, so trust me when I say I could put them to use. In all honesty, if I got 60, I could put them to use! I don't know about any more then that? LOL. But just saying, any and all that you guys want to help out with, I can find a good home for! So lets see what ya got. Just PM me what ya got and let me know when its shipped so I can watch for it. Thanks. Jody

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