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95 eclipse gasser

Curtis v.

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this was my very first model and i have never liked how it came out so i decided to redo it and make it completely cutom now that i have a little more skill in the hobby. here is what i have so far


im not sure if i want to change the way it sits or not tel me what you think




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got enough done for an update, when i took the back glass out it took a chunk f the pillar with at and since im trying to build this without styrene or anything i filled it with putty. other then that the chassis is almost done. i still am gonna shorten the back axles and the i can put it in primer and start doing detail work. But i have to wait for the rain to quite first



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Curtis this is a very cool idea. I'm sure the tuner guys are freaking out, but it's just plastic right? If I can make a recommendation or two I'd say you should perhaps do some online searches like http://gassermadness.com/ to find out how a real gasser's suspension is set up. Or pick up a gasser kit. But I know when you are just starting out you gotta make do with what you got. Also to prevent issues removing glass in the future, just use regular Elmers white glue to install the clear parts. Its easy, dries clear and easy to remove someday when you feel like rebuilding. Keep at it.

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another update, im goin pretty good on this thing this morning, and its time for a break so i decided to do an update. First i decided to not use the other engine and put a ford engine in it B). its more detailed and has better headers. then i got the interior mostly detailed, i have to get the chassis in primer before i can finish because i used the bottom of the interior tub as the transmission tunnel. then i got the chunk filled in and sanded down and painted black over it to see if i still had to sand it more... i do haha. anyways here are the pictures.





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