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'78 El Camino


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Again, sorry I haven't been posting any progress of my builds as I don't feel like takeing pics... becuz I gots too much to do right now.

this ones' built from the Revell-o-gram lowriturd kit.

I used the kits lowered suspension and added the custom wheels from the '91 Firebird kit. Added an lightly modded LT1, modified the exhaust a bit and added dual tips. Interior has buckets from an '86 Corvette and the steering wheel from some unknown scorce. Paint is Wal-Mart/Colorplace Gloss Black polished w/ toothpaste, futured, and has a custom gold stripe scheme done by using Pactra sticker tape (which came out pretty good, considering...). Also monochromed the front ans rear bumpers alonh with the grile.

Only issue I had with this kit was there was a major gap between the tailgate and the rear bumper that looked really crappy. So I trimmed the tailgate, glued it on and that solves that problem (though it dosen't open, but whatever)






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I like it. Overall, it looks clean and it flows well color-wise.

A friend has a 1985 elky that we are working on. He has put the 1993 Camaro Z28 wheels onto it and is in the process of building up a 383 powerplant for. His plans are to shoot it Charcoal/Maroon 2-tone.

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V-Spec, I believe you mean the 'Royal Knight' version of the El Camino. Good looking car with some sweet (for the time) graphics.

Coulda swore it was called Black Knight, but I might be wrong............................

Oh, Now I remembee, It was called "Royal Knight". Thanks for pointing that out for me Whale.

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