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Want to create a replica "Movin'On" Kenworth

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Wow Tim!! That is just too cool!!

Roy, that is a nice model you built too! I am seeing one of these in 1/16 scale for me, but it will be a while 'till I get around to it.


So am I Mark...So am I !! 1/16 Scale is a dream come true for me!! I'm still trying to locate a kit though!! Thanks Roy

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very nice tim and about the movin on trucks i have about 8 ore 9 tho built the are from revell .amt 4 different boxes ore so

and a total of 170 boxes scale 1:24 and 1:25 and resin cabs about 15

and model from 1:50 about 500 in boxes

i got about 60 on shelves the are finished but no room ore time

now im making a 2tone ford and a diamond reo coe


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Roy, that is a beautiful truck. What kit or kits and parts did you use for the build? And what color are you guys using for this truck? I just started working on this truck myself.


Thanks for the kind words Chris!! It started as the current issue W-900 Aerodyne "Snap-tite".I cut the roof off the sleeper/cab and made a filler on the roof of the cab and resized a ROG PETE 359 Sleeper roof(it was slightly bigger), I stretched the frame,Installed a partsbox "headache rack" and a V 903 Cummins resin engine.And AMT 10.00x20's tires and 1/4 fenders from a MOVIN' ON KW W-925 kit.The paint I used was Model Master 1845M Mystic Emerald paint and decals are from Jerry/Phoneguy at www.modeltruckin.com .I made my truck to be the updated version as it is today...I hope this helps!! Thanks for looking!!1 Roy

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For those wanting to Watch "Movin' On" again, check your cable line up for a channel advertising itself as "RETRO TV"

Movin' On is on. Rehobeth, Del's WRDE 9 is RETRO & show's Movin' ON at 2 PM every weekday!!!

I do not see a "RETRO TV channel listed on DirecTV, but do not know abouot Dish Network.

I too built one of the AMT kits WAY back when

I Lost a second mostly complete, unbuilt in a trade, that yielded NOTHING to me.

some clown named Glenn in Canada.

I would love to see them re-issue this kit again.

Maybe with all the Hollywood licensed kit they offer now they might.

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