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bobbit bumpers and mixers

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hi guys i want to now wats the meaning ofthat bumper

here its forbidden by law sharp corners etc

and by some mixers the wheels up against the drum and what i see down by unloading

make some drawning for making a model in the future but i whant to now ho a bout this if its neceserie

thanks already jacobus

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I would think that not only the bumper going into the tire... But not having it the trucker is more likely to drive into something and right over it without knowing.

This would be very easy for a trucker to do, I know from Experience! I was sitting at a light and a big rig was in the left lane coming off of the interstate and decided to turn right. NO Turn signal. Needless to say his Right Front Tire was kissing my drivers door. When he decided to get out, he told me he was wondering why his truck wouldn't move forward! DUH!!! maybe because you were up against something?

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