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2010 Vanishing Point Challenger

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So a few weeks back I got searching the interweb and came across this article on 2 guys taking a "Kowalski Edition" Challenger and rein-acting the race that took place in the movie. So doing a little research I picked up the Revell Special Edition Dodge Challenger and ordered some wheel's from the Revell Chip Foose 1967 Dodge Charger kit and went from there. This is what I have done so far. ** update 2/18/14 ** Finished up the Challenger today except for a few touch ups. I weathered as it would have been in the dessert.

post-12419-0-50363500-1392663833_thumb.j "Kowalski Edition" Challenger



post-12419-0-31962800-1392663959_thumb.p actual Chip Foose wheels

post-12419-0-88977200-1392663987_thumb.j mine from the model kit with gray center. Bad picture quality



post-12419-0-47088700-1392663977_thumb.j console delete with a pistol grip shifter

















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I did not know the Kowalski Edition ever existed... and I must say, I like it! I always said an all white challenger w/ rallye style wheels would be a killer tribute to those movies.

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I did not know the Kowalski Edition ever existed...

I had no idea. Cool project, I will be tuned in...

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Nice I watched that movie not long ago for the umpteenth time at our cabin. We only have a VCR so it was old school a little grainy just the perfect way to watch the old classics.

Nice job so far.

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The "Kowalski Edition" Challenger was sold by a dealer in the states, at the time, white was not an option for the SRT8. He ordered 10 cars (which is the lowest number available for special order paint), and had the emblems made up, and added the wheels...I remember seeing them advertised on ebay (I am thinking 2010?) for sale. The picture of the two guys dressed up and cruising worked for Chrysler....the black fellow is none other than Ralph Gilles...head honcho for SRT! They participated in the One Lap of America (Cannon Ball Run), unfortunately....the Chally met a tire wall and had to be withdrawn due to damages. I am sure back issues of Mopar Action had a write up on them.

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