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Testors Glosscote & MM Grabber Blue

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I just picked up Revells '10 Shelby GT500 and decided I wanted to paint it Grabber Blue w/ the wite stripe decals. I was wondering if Testors All Purpose Glosscote (1261 Gloss Clear Lacquer) would be usable with Model Master Grabber Blue Enamel. If not what else would work? Or would I just be able to use Future, and would it work with the kit supplied decals if I did use future?

What other paints (in a spray can) would be a close color?

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I have used Testors 2017 Gloss Clear Lacquer (bottle paint) over their enamels with no problem. It's possible your 1261 would work as well. Obviously, a test first would be a good idea. I am not a fan of clearing with Future, it doesn't give the same depth and warmth of other clears. Just my opinion, of course.

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