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Maybe not but really if I had the miller logos on the truck, and a couple on the top corners of the trailer

Yes, really, if you are making the 2014 version , the Miller Lite logo at the front of the trailer is bigger then are you going to get from a decal sheet, but the one that goes on the hood from the 2013 car, would probably work, same for the rear of the trail lift gate.


If you are going the 2013 , same size decal on the side of the trailer.

And as you can see, Penske keeps his trailer really clean of sponsor logos,

Okay thanks for the lead. Does anyone make a resin nose peice for the ford to convert the Chevy cot amt makes??

Not right now, now, and you are not going to be able to make a current Gen6 body from a Gen 5(COT) body, not even close , you are better off getting a diecast , or wait tell Mike @ Mikes Decals gets the 2013-2014 Fusion Body done.

You can find decals here, sorry, the website is not set to let you link to each item, you are going ot have to find them on your own, but, just click on the numbers on the left side of the page, and scroll down and you will find them.


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Maybe not but really if I had the miller logos on the truck, and a couple on the top corners of the trailer

That really wouldn't work if you're going for realism. When teams aren't advertising for their sponsors on the track, they're advertising for them on the streets(see below). A couple decals in the corner aren't gonna cut it. I would suggest getting some pics of the trailers you want to replicate and see if someone could make them for you.



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