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Five Hole Aluminum Split Rims

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I'm looking for a set of aluminum style split rims for semi trucks for a Peterbilt 359 "small window" project, both front and rear.
I know Ben Wicker has them in turned aluminum and they look really good, but they are too expensive for my budget, so I would like to find a set or two in resin.

Here is a picture of the wheel type I'm looking for.


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Yes of course...I found them now...I looked at the wheel sets at the bottom on that page but they were not the right style as they were steel budds...and they have been out of stock for a long time...the ones I'm looking for were in the section above.


The truck in the picture in my first post was only for illustration, but I have allready bought the Mercury Sleeper when I bought the 281/351 conversion kit from him some weeks ago...now I have to place an order for the wheels.

I haven't decided how I will build the "small Window" Unilite cab truck yet, as a 359 or as a 351...but I want to use these wheels as I think they look cool on an old truck.

Thanks guys!

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