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  1. I know this is old but I would pay $5 per low pro
  2. OK so this is my first time attempt at scratch building a motor. I almost have the block done. The head and valve cover are ready to be casted. Thanks for looking
  3. Oh dang. It's alright though. I'm making some changes so I'll just repost the new stuff. Thank you
  4. I can't find the updated version of this post. Not sure what happened?
  5. Yeah I saw that one. I didn't figure it was worth hundreds but I'm getting it from a friend and I don't want to be ripped off nor do I want to rip him off. I can't find the kit version though
  6. I didn't know they were they same car in those movie's. I was meaning more of how hard are these kits to find and what do they typically go for. Thank you
  7. Yeah no kidding. I 60 dollars in tires just so I could cut them up lol.
  8. I would like the front rims to be a tad smaller but I suppose for a pro touring race car it will be fine.
  9. I needed a lower profile tire so I cut mine up. Talk about nerve wracking.
  10. Your cars look great Ralph and your engine would be a great addition to mine. Exactly what I'm looking for. My rims are r/c wheels but I have to do some work to them. Especially the tires. I have to Change the profile of my fronts to better fit the car. Thank you everyone for your help and comments
  11. As you can see this is where the problem lies. I have an empty space where a engine should sit. I'm really wanting a ls but nobody has one. I mainly need the block with water pump etc. And heads. Any help?
  12. I've decided to take on the task of building in this scale and this is all I have. I have the chassis built and I found rims that I like although I'm still waiting for the tires. I do have a major problem though..and it's the motor
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