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  1. Thanks, guys! sorry if I posted in the wrong section, total newbie here!
  2. I got the pics posted! sorry bout that, had some problems with my net
  3. Just Sharing my First build for 2014; It's Aohima's 1/24 Toyota HiLux 4wd Pickup Built box stock
  4. Just sharing my first build for 2014! my Aoshima Toyota HiLux 4WD car is built box stock
  5. Hey Guys! Happy New year! Just wanted to share my last build of 2013, Aoshima's RocketBunny Scion FR-S [Toyota GT86] It's painted with Tamiya TS-8 Italian red And polished 5 times Wheels Are 17" RS Watanabes on Pirelli P-Zeroes. Thanks for Stoppin' by!
  6. Looks Great In flat white, Nice color choice! Very cleam build, it's awesome! Great job, bro!
  7. here's a brighter pic (sorry, it was about 98% complete at the time
  8. Thanks a lot guys!!! I didnt really like the cars with demon camber, it ruins the car . I'M gonna be postin' brighter pics soon Thanks again everyone!!
  9. That's siiiiiick bro!!! nice work, man!!
  10. Hey Fellas, here's my latest Project - A Stanced Tamiya Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S Hope ya like it Wheels Are Toyota TTE Tarmac Rally Wheels Thanks for Stoppin' by!
  11. Thanks guys! It's the first time i've perfected a stance for my cars The revell kit seems promising although, i've yet to get one anw, my next project will be a stanced Tamiya Toyota 86/Scion FR-S, so stay tuned and good luck!
  12. Finally Finished the car after 1 week Mugen Inspired Side Skirts And Custom Front Lip: FEEL'S:
  13. Thanks Brotha! :) the civic wagon's a nice kit and i bet it's gonna look awesome
  14. Thank O-man! process pics of the suspension: Then: and here it is, fitted Hope this helps!
  15. Hey Guys, newbie here so sorry for any mistakes This Is my current project on my workbench; It's the JDM EG6 SiR from Hasegawa I scratchbuilt the front lip and the side skirt Some pics The Box: Beginning to mould the front lip Mockup with side skirts (sorry for crappy ipod pics): Finally lowered the front suspension after careful "magic" : While Parts box divin' I found some old Enkeis(?) and painted 'em black: And here's the mockup of the final stance: It actually looks good Thanks for stopping by!
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