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  1. Just to add to the selection I believe Detail Master is also currently making a resin Single Carb Single Plane style intake. However the runners are similar to a Brodix Or Super Victor intake on the older style Chevy (non Sb2) intakes before the cylinder heads were changed over to a spread port exhaust configuration. Chris
  2. Charlie Awesome body work and the paint job looks amazing!!!! The color contrast between the black and your company color jumps off the pic at you just like a race car paint job should!!! Outstanding job of using BMF to seperate the two colors, that really added to the finished look of the paint work. This thing is going to be a killer model when it's finished I can't wait to see that awesome engine bay and interior with the body placed over it. Keep us posted on you progress. You should deff. get some added buss. when other builders see this at the shows next to your products. Keep up the great work bud. Chris
  3. This thing looks like a beast!!! It should deff. not be suffering in the HP dept. I really like the met. Blue used on the chassis and roll cage. The stance in the mock up pics looks great....down in the weeds just like it should be. What color do you plan on painting the body? Great ork so far keep us posted. Chris
  4. First off I would have to list my Father he was never an avid builder but I. like many others here built my very first model with my Father and that first build lit a fire in me that could not be put out, that is until I got a drivers license discovered girls real cars etc etc. Now i know my father wouldn't be in a vote like this but I felt kinda weird not listing him first because he was the very first to introduce me to the hobby and showed me how to build some really cool models. Tom Anderson: He reintroduced me to the hobby around 1993 after my almost 10 year break from building. He showed me alot of the advances in techniques, tools and alot of other cool stuff that had happened during my absence. He built phenomenal NASCAR models and was always around to give a helping hand or suggestion on my builds even though I never built Nascar. He intrduced me to my very first model show and I was lucky enogh in my very first show to have Pat Covert Photgraph my build. Although I have lost all contact with him I hae tons of respect for his skills as well as his sharing/spreading of the hobby. Augie Hiscano as already stated above one of the greatest ambassadors this Hobby could have ever hoped to have had. His building and machining skills were out of this world. I remember the first time I saw one of his builds in person set up at a sherline booth where he was promoting their lathes and mills I don't think I've ever been as awestruck over a build as I was his. A super nice gentleman who was always willing to share tips and techniques to anyone who asked. And tons of others on here (and elsewhere) who provide almost daily motivation to me to improve my building skills I mean how can you not be impressed with builders like Tim Boyd, Drew H., 1320 Wayne, Alex Kustov , Tim K (not going to destroy his last name trying to spell it,besides he's an Alabama guy LOL)Cody Grayland and lots and lots of others who have unreal building skills and contribute more to this hobby than they ever realize I know I've left out lots of builders whom I respect and admire who seem to have endless talent but I've taken up enough room with this long response already. Chris White
  5. I also play guitar I have an original custom built Baker B1 from Gene Baker ( beofre Ed Roman bought the company out) An old Gibson Sonnex 180 deluxe (my very first electric guitar) an old Fender Music Man and an Eric Clapton Strat with gold Lace Sensors but out of all of them the Baker is my pride and joy I hardly play anything but it anymore. If I'm building a model I have to have the music going it just motivates me for some reason. I listen to pretty much anything and everything except classical but I lean more toward the 80's guitar heavy stuff as my favorite (yes I used to be in a "Hair Band" back in the day LOL) AC/DC, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray, Judas Priest etc etc. The TV distracts me but I have to have my tunes on. I have a recording board and all my guitars amps etc in the same room with my Model desk so alot of times I'll listen to the different recordings and mixes while I'm building. It's really cool to see how many guitar players are also model builders, not to mention our similar taste in music. Chris
  6. Well guys I must say that I found a good wife as well. From the time we first met each other she knew how involved I was with building model cars and it's never been an issue at all. I expressed to her in our second year of marriage that she should get a hobby as well, she tried scrapbooking for awhile but she finally settled on stamping and making cards. Now we have our guest room completly filled with our hobby items I have my modeling desk and shelves along with models stacked from the floor to the roof and she now has her stamping desk filing drawers and various papers ,cutters etc that she needs to do her hobby. Now when we work on our respective hobbies we get to do it together sitting at our own seperate desk a few feet from each other. She ask for my input alot of times on colors etc. And I ask for her input on some of my builds. In the end we get to do something we both enjoy doing and neither of us feels like they are being ignored. Coming up in a few months will be our 10th anniversary My wife was 22 when we got married and I was 28 and shes always been supportive of my hobbies (I was also an avid drag racer years ago but not so much anymore I just don't have the time for it but when I did race she was supportive of that as well) So I'm glad I got a good one to, the only thing it cost me from her getting a hobby was some floor space and shelf room but that's more than a fair trade for having a happy wife. Chris
  7. Those huge turbos are becoming pretty common in the Outlaw 10.5 series. A few years ago most of the turbo cars were running single turbos and most hovered around the 380-430 cubic inch range and the majority were small blocks. Now it's very common to see a pair of Huge tubos hanging out in front of a 706 cubic inch engine with 3-4 inch pipe running thru the firewall to the intercoolers mounted in the floorboard. The engine in the pic you posted looks like one of the new "chemis" a newly designed chevy that uses a hemi type head and theres no other way to describe them than gigantic LOL . Take a look at www.outlawracing.com and check out some of the combos. Mark that's a great looking turbo I've tried everything from watch parts to tiny jet engine impellers to replicate the vanes on the inlet of a scratched turbo but that wheel looks as good as anything I've seen thanks for the idea. Chris
  8. Wow Charlie what an awesome looking ride!!! A great way to showcase your excellent products as well as display your outstanding building skills the engine and chassis/interior look great. Very nice, clean work. Chris
  9. What a cool looking build. Great choice on using the "Little Motor". What kit are the tires from? Also I really like the wheels you used what kind are they? Chris
  10. Chris, I would deff. be interested in those items especially the (dry version) of a belt drive with maybe a front mount distributor belt drive included. Chris
  11. By the time you do all of that to the motor and get it detailed probably the only person that will notice it's a chevy block will be you anyway!! Build it the way that makes YOU happy with it. I like the chassis your doing for it so far, It looks really cool. I ordered this same body from Don and his castings are flawless!! Some of the nicest resin pieces I've ever bought. If anyone is hesitating about buying resin cast pieces from reliable....You have nothing at all to worry about. The pieces I got may have taken a little while to deliver but I was told that when I ordered them and after seeing the quality of them It was worth the wait!!! Don does them the right way If they aren't right he won't send them. Chris
  12. Wow don that's great to hear that an interior/floor is in the works for this body !!! Chris
  13. I think the full exhaust system just as it was from the factory had to remain in place but it was modified with some additional short pieces of pipe added just past the collectors for the headers and in front of the mufflers . I know that's what they used for several years bt I'll have to check and see if they were doing it in 68'. I'll try to look in my SS ref books and matierial for you in the next few days and let you know. Chris
  14. Cool looking build "anyone else wanna drive" LOL sure If you build a real one I'll aim it LOL Chris
  15. Wow that's a killer looking build raisin, great job at matching the paint and decal color you can't tell in the pics which is which. You nailed the stance on this one as well. My fave is still the superfly because I like the color scheme better on it. I'd also like to see a pic of the Superfly and this one side by side if you get time. Looks like an exact rep to the 1:1 nice job Chris
  16. Brent Hey bud, long time no see. Great Job on the digger. That allison engine looks awesome and I agree even if the spokes wouldn't be strong enough they just have the "right look" for this build. Super Nice work man. Chris
  17. Len, I've had no problems at all dealing with T.E.M. got the parts quickly and the castings on the pieces I got were good. Resinslinger, Hey Chris, (promodwrench/Chris) here. Just wanted to say I hope everything goes well with your recovery. Also I'm still trying to get those pics and demensions for the whipple for you. Anyway get well soon. Chris
  18. Wow great start for an awesome build. Those wheels look perfect on that bodystyle. The stance looks dead-on. Outstanding job on the intake you built. All of the scratch work on this thing is really cool . Nice Work! Chris
  19. I don't know about any of the other matierials suggested for use on here but as far as the CSC goes, after I'm done with the paint removal I simply wash all the plastic that was exposed to the CSC in regular dishwashing soap (i.e. Dawn) paying special attention to the bodylines and any molded details that could hold any of the CSC. I use a clean toothbrush to "scrub" these areas with the dishwashing liquid, rinse and air dry just like I would clean a body that hadn't been stripped. This has always worked for me. I don't know if the CSC actually gets into the plastic or not my guess would be that it doesn't since the bodies I have stripped with it look almost like brand new out of the box anyway, that's how I do it just wash it like I would any other body prior to painting. Chris
  20. One of the nicest detailed drag racing engines I've seen in scale. Great work! Chris
  21. Len, I'd be glad to ask him if he can remember any of the colors they actually used on the car. I usually only see him at the track and racing season is just about done here this year as far as the PM's go. However he has a shop that's only about a 30-45 minute drive from mine so I'll be able to contact him and see what I can find out pretty easily for you. Talk to you soon. Chris
  22. Andy, This is a great looking build, superclean. It does "sit right" those resin tires look outstanding!!! Super Job. Chris
  23. Len, Keep us posted of the progress on this build. I worked on a few Pro Mods with Greg Holt (Billys Son) I'm sure he'd like to see some pics of this when you get it finished. TC Chris
  24. I'm going to say Model on this one but only for one reason. I can't seem to find any valve stems on the rims anywhere (although around the 4 o'clock position it looks like there is possibly one on the front wheel) the rear wheel valve stem could be hidden by the frame shocks etc. but hey I gotta take a guess one way or the other and as tuff as these things are to figure out thats basically what this is becoming a GUESS LOL Still saying Model I think LOL Chris
  25. I bought one of these kits in the very early 90's from my LHS. I have the NYPD version. It was a very nice kit no flash at all and the parts fit was very precise. The hood on mine was molded in and it has the compartment for batteries and a place to munt the small electric motor. It kind of reminded me of a tamiya kit as far as not having any flash, very few (and minimal) mold lines or seams, and very good engraving. I'd buy more of them If the price was right. Chris
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