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  1. I ignore the "Pro Stock" category like I ignore modern NASCAR. To me Pro Stock has run it`s course as the cars bear absolutely no resemblance to the cars they are supposed to represent. I agree with the previous comment that " Factory Stock" and "Factory Super Stock" are far more interesting. I guess I`m biased because "class racing" is my thing. If you want to see innovation in NHRA drag racing, check out Comp Eliminator. That category is filled with it. Everything from 4 cylinder Honda powered altereds to nostalgia front motor dragsters! I might also step on a few toes by saying that "delay box" racing does nothing for me either. Just my opinion...

  2. Watching this one with much interest! As a side note, those building salt flats/dry lakes cars might want to consider purchasing a SCTA rule book. It has tons of info on different classes and of course, rules. Starting on a VGC (viintage gas coupe) myself.

  3. All of those cars are WAY to Expensive period! When I walk into a showroom and look at the sticker price on a new pickup and wince at the $75-80,000.00 price tag the salesman just shrugs his shoulders and says "that`s the way it is now", I just shake my head. I bought a 2000 F-150 for $25,000.00 brand new, lowered it, put on wheels and tires. air intake etc, and still came in under $30,000.00. Still have it though it`s never winter driven. Try that today!

  4. I see potential in this especially in reissuing obscure kits, if not as a whole kit, then maybe specific parts. I`m thinking something like a hard to find grill or even a body, say a 1961 Buick bubbletop or restoration pieces such as tail lights etc. I know its expensive to do but I think it could be a possibility.

  5. You know how sometimes you have to do a double take looking at a model to make sure it`s a model and not a REAL CAR? This is one of them. Great Job!

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