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  1. Thanks for the kind words! This was my first finished model post and obviously posted in the "wrong" section. Ha, I noticed the lens misalignment after they were glued in. There was no way to redo it w/o damage at that point. ENJOY!
  2. Hi, Months ago I posted a few threads about getting the kits/parts to replicate the '57 Ford Fairlane 500 (w/TBird 312 cu in motor). I ended up using two AMT/Ertl kits, and scratched the front "V" bumper attachment and the dual tailpipes. My thanks to member "ChrisBCritter" for graciously supplying the tonneau cover which he handmade. Oh, the last pic shows me at the wheel at age 19. It was taken in 1963, in Humboldt Park in Chicago. Hey, thank you all for the inspiration. Bill Anderson Spring, Tx.
  3. Not often, but yes I have. The most recent was for an auction of the 3 in 1 AMT 1957 Ford kit. Cost me $80 on Ebay and sourced the steel wheels, baby moons, and spotlights for the '57 Ford Fairlane Convertible I'm building using a different kit as the main source. The $80 was a lot to spend just for the parts I needed, but I figure I'll resell it and substitute mag wheels and other parts and should recover som of the cost. Now if only I could get a convertible top or tonneau cover.............
  4. After some hits and misses, I did manage to put together an acceptable bumper piece that works. I used three sprue pieces, and spent more time than I care to admit getting it to look right. I can't publish a pic as of yet (still working out the bugs on W10 and new PC) but expect to have that resolved in the near future.
  5. Thanks all! I just ordered the "polyglass" version and look forward to building the car I "lusted" for back in the early '60s......... Ha, getting married at age 20 and having 4 kids changed all those "must haves"........... Thanks all for the info, it really is appreciated! Bill
  6. Hi, I'm looking to get a 1962 Pontiac 1/25 kit, likely a 421 cu inch Catalina or another model. Looks like there are 5 or so different ones (AMT/Ertl) readily available, and I'm seeing similarities in them, and I'm wondering if some are just remakes of early production runs. Anyway, which of those out there offer the most detail, best fit, etc.? Thank you, Bill Anderson
  7. I've been looking at various reviews (via Google / youtube) of some kits I have been looking at or have already worked on. As mentioned earlier, it seems like each kit has its own plus/minus attributes. With the exception of the Tamiya Ford GT (I'll get it for father's day), all my cars and interests revolve around the '50s and early '60s American models - the cars of my youth of course. On a side note........most all of my friends back then were motorheads to one degree or another. But it seems like following generations just don't seem to care about cars. I have 4 ad
  8. Chris, I private messaged you about your 58 Ford boot........... Tom, I had a 54 Pontiac (Red Roach) and the 57 Ford convertibles when I was in Chicago. Most of the time the top was down I had the boots in place, for IMO it looked so much better and "complete". But of course it was a pain in the backside, both to put on and take off............
  9. While I said I didn't want to start a "versus" thread, what I really meant was I didn't want to start a "flame war" of arguments. That said, I would like your thoughts on the quality, detail, & other differences between the kits from Revell, AMT (round2), Jo-han, Monogram, Ertl, Lindberg, MPC, and so on. Thank you! Bill Anderson
  10. Hi, Back in my teens and early '20s I built a lot of model cars from AMT and Revel and Monogram. I dropped out of that for decades, but have recently gotten back into model car building again. In looking for various kits that would interest me, I've found that I've lost touch with the various brands and really have little clue as to what is what in regards to quality, detail, difficulty, etc. I do NOT wish to start a "versus" thread here, but I would like to know your thoughts on the various manufacturers 1/25 or 1/24 kits. Thank you, Bill Anderson Spring, Texas
  11. I'm building a replica of the '57 Ford Fairlane Convertible I had in the early '60s. As there are no suitable '57 Ford convertible kits, I'm using two different AMT hardtop kits. I want to cut off the top, and replace it with a convertible top, or a suitable cover for a "folded down top". So my questions are, what other model has a convertible top that would work, or a folded down top cover that would fit? Thank you, Bill Anderson Spring, Tx.
  12. Hack n whack, Believe it or not, I thought of the same thing. That said, I would prefer a full convertible top or a cover for the downed top. I call that a tonneau, but that may not be correct. I'm going to start a separate thread on this, assuming its allowed.
  13. I would love to get ahold of a convertible top or tonneau cover that would not be difficult to use on this kit. That would make my day!
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