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  1. Thank you everyone! This was actually quite nice kit to build, I don't remember any major fitment issues, only the wheels and tires because they are way wider than the ones with the kit(s). I didn't even test fit the interior to the body, just glued it in place and dropped in. And because there is no engine, there is and was a possibility for me to finish this in time. I started this roughly two months ago, built mainly at weekends and not full days even then.
  2. Thank you everyone! Color is basically Alclad aluminum mixed with red, blue and if I remember right little bit black basecoat. I hoped little bit darker tone, but at the end I didn't know any more what to add. It is what it is. And still the silver particles look quite big for the scale. Here is the mirror with vinyl I cut. Tried to get some Datsun logo feel to it. Those two magnets allow me to flip the whole thing upside down (carefully of course) but with some sudden moves the model of course comes off. There's also possibility to add more magnets for more firm grip.
  3. Quite straight forward build. Purchased two different Hasegawa's kits, Safari Rally and "Mr. K" -versions. Other had fender flares and other had LHD dash. Don't remember any more which way it was. Wheels and tires are propably from Tamiya's 2000 GT'R Skyline. I just went through different kits for suitable wheels/tires. Underside has no added detail, just paint. So not much to see there. Interior almost stock, steering wheel is equipped with photoetch center from HME-011 set. Also added lenses to the gauges. Now the smaller gauges are unreadable, but you wouldn't see them anyway, so... Front g
  4. Thank you! Only weathering that I'm partially satisfied is the oil stain on the oil tank. That was first time I used MIG pigments on anything and the result is not what I was looking for. But I didn't have any more interest to modify the weathering on the tires. I maybe should have added some weathering to the bottom of the tanks too.
  5. Might be and even if not, that gave me an idea with routing the exhaust pipe. I just googled and it is done in real world just the same way I was planning. It might still require the bottom plate modifications. Here's the other way, but if the subframe connectors are used, that's not gonna work. Looks better though.
  6. Yeah, I found your earlier post(s) about those and they look just what they should. I tried to find Steve's facebook page but couldn't. I might not have requested those but would have been nice to browse through, if there are pictures of his work.
  7. I didn't post the pic of the rear wheel modification I did before anything else. Originally rear wheels had smooth lip(?), so I made sharp corner to the bottom, so it is better looking and matches the front wheels. Also it's lot easier to mask when painting. Left is the modified rim. Now I have all four wheels "re-slotted", knock-offs are also ready for first layer of paint. I have to make the lug nuts before I paint the wheels, hopefully I have suitable material on stock... In the last pic you can see the difference in depth with the front and rear wheels.
  8. Don't pay too much attention, this can go sideways in so many ways at any time For example here; As I was not happy with either of the wheels, I decided that I can try to modify Cobra's wheels. I will loose the elevated edge from the other openings, but it's not so noticeable at the reference either. On the right is the wheel with modified openings. I did also a quick mock up with both the wheels/tires. It's not too bad with the originals but I like still more of the Cobra/Mach 1 combination. Seems to have more attitude. Even though the rear wheels are quite tigh
  9. Yep, I have read that too, so I'm replicating the 351 but I'm not going to put too much effort to that. And because of that second reason too, that we don't actually know what was under the hood. So have to go with what is written in the internet and what is seen in different pictures. There's just too much "Eleanor's" in the internet nowadays and probably 99 % of the pictures/videos are from later replicas which have nothing to do with the movie cars. Halicki's Eleanor was so much easier to research. I don't know if anyone has built replica's of that movie car.
  10. Yet another Eleanor build from Scale Production's conversion kit. Starting this thread might be big mistake, because my build is one big mess at the moment. I have done little bit of everything and accomplished almost nothing. At least it feels that way. And my plans tend to change during the process, so sometimes I take two steps back rather than forward. Oh well... Anyway, here are some thoughts and observations I have at the moment, regarding the conversion kit and references I have gathered from internet and the movie. Here's the link to complete gallery I have the build pics and some
  11. Yes, it's basic steel. Had to use what was available. I guess it would be little faster if you could/would remove all spokes at once, clean the hub and rim, drill the holes and assemble new spokes in the jig. This "one at a time" system makes sure that hub stays where it should be. But it is time consuming, that's why this build took several breaks. I started building this December 2007... At least the date at the first picture indicates that. This was taken in April 2011... And the pic in the previous post was taken in October 2017, when I final
  12. Thank you! And thanks to all others too! I respoke normally by cutting some of the old spokes, drilling holes to new ones and glue them in place. Then cut some more old spokes away. I don't have any close up shot of the progress, but here is one bad pic... Somewhat off topic, I participated in one "knife making class" many years ago. It was meant to teach you some basic blacksmith techniques, but I did some machining too... Among other things, other than hitting hot metal with a hammer... So, I did one hub and wheel for future build, this is meant to be 21" wheel for one of the
  13. It's a Kent engine, came out of F-group rally car. Unfortunately the cylinder head was cracked so had to use the basic one. Also with only one carb, I have dual carb setup too, but I don't know if I'm ever going to put it in. Too lazy... Click the pic to view one minute video, running first time in 9 years. Circuit breaker gap is way too small, so didn't fire properly, so sounds kind of rough.
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