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  1. 1 hour ago, MarkJ said:

    Awesome build, Dan. Everything about this model looks great. I appreciate that you kept the kit wheels and tires. When people use the 1/24 scale 57through 59 ppp wheels and tires,  the model ends up looking just not quite right when compared to reference pictures of the real cars.  Has that monster truck look about it.

    Thanks man! I actually bought the PPP wheels/tires but didn’t use them because they didn’t look right.

  2. Most of the deals came off with masking tape applied over and over, but the little bits required a finger nail wrapped in a wet wash cloth.  A wash cloth because it is rougher and has more "bite" than a fine towel. It also took some light sanding with a 6000 grit micro-sand square.  So this is how it sits now. I have detailed the middle of the wheels with a black wash and lugnut detail, as well as painted the bottom of the decklid black per the real car.  Next I will bare metal foil the trim on the quarters the previous builder neglected, as well as the chrome trim on the trunk. I really like how this is turning out, and it's a new challenge to correct a built model than building from scratch. I'm not a huge fan of floor polish clear coats, but because this car is built and I don't want to rip it apart (he must have used super-glue, it is very solid) I will clear it with floor polish after foiling and decaling. Stay Tuned!



    By the way, the 63 Chevy in the background will be the #13 Johnny Rutherford/Smokey Yunick car. 

  3. My first task was to figure out what gold color was on the car. Tamiya gold? Nope.  Testors Pure Gold? Nope.  A forum member in another thread I posted enquiring about the color suggested GM Granada Gold. I believe that this might be the actual color Smokey used, but it doesn't look like it would match this car. It's a gold with a very brown hue, but not bronze.  I decided to proceed repainting all the gold with Testors Pure Gold. You can see the hood here painted Pure Gold, in comparison to whatever Gold is on the car. 


  4. I bought a decently built AMT 62 Pontiac on eBay that was built to the Fireball Roberts/Smokey Yunick livery. It had decal and paint issues, but was a nice build beyond that. I paid way too much for it, but thought I could fix what was wrong and have a nice piece for the shelf. 

    Here are the pics from when I bought it.  The decals were poorly applied, peeling, and it looked like the roof came in contact with a heat source. The hood also had a weird spot on it, and was dusty from sitting. 





  5. I'm a hot rod builder through and through, but sometimes I have to 'cleanse the palette" so to speak and do a box-stock build. So here it is, a Revell black widow kit with decals from Mike's decals. All Lacquer Tamiya paint with Testors Extreme Clear.  Polished it with 3M Perfect-it 3-stage polish.  I got in a hurry with the clear, so the decals wrinkled a bit, but it still looks OK.  










  6. 21 hours ago, Matt T. said:

    Oh, you’re right. Dang. I have a hard time keeping up with the changes to the Testors product line lately. Sorry about that! 

    No worries, I found some at my local Hobby Lobby. It doesn’t match the gold on the car, but it looks a lot closer to the color I see Smokey used from internet pics, so I’m just going to repaint all the gold with testors pure gold. The hood is painted pure gold. 

    Trying to figure out what random paint some builder used years ago seems like a fruitless pursuit.


  7. I'd say most contests (like real car shows) have an element of politics and subjectivity. I haven't entered one in years, but if I do I go in with the expectation that I may disagree with the judges decisions, and don't sweat it.

    I vehemently disagree with the "everyone gets a trophy" culture. The best model should win regardless if the builder has been wracking up awards. If you are an exceptional builder you are likely not to attend either if you know that the awards will be spread about equally with little consideration to merit. 

  8. I bought this Fireball Roberts 62 Poncho off of ebay.  It had issues with the decals and the paint, so I thought I'd fix or restore it.  The question is: those of you who have built a Smokey Yunick racecar, what do you use for the gold?  If you look at the pictures, I painted the center of the hood with Tamiya Gold, and it is far off from matching. I'd like to find the matching paint and touch it up, but if I cannot, I'd like to figure out a gold that is closest to what Smokey used. So, what say you? is the gold on this car correct? Seems dark.  What have you used to paint Smokey Yunick cars?  Thanks in advance.  Worst case scenario I repaint the gold with Tamiya and call it good, but my perfectionist self would like to try to match it or get the correct Smokey Yunick Gold. 




  9. 17 hours ago, Limeyglue said:

    Thanks Dan. I've only used rattle cans until now but I must admit I'm a convert now

    Do you mind sharing what airbrush setup you went with?  

  10. I usually think that I don't need an airbrush, and I do just fine with spray bombs until I see paint jobs like this...  WOW.  Looks sooo good!

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