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  1. Nose swap was a success
  2. One step ahead of ya lol also I think I’ve finally found a use for these Pony wheels I’ve had for years
  3. Decided to take a break from my Lincoln Mark VII project and wanted to do a simple kit with minimal work. Well, that was a lie. Picked up AMTs reissued 88 Mustang GT (although it has an ‘87 style intake manifold).. and we all know how terrible the head lights are.. I got to thinking since I have the left over body from Revells Mustang LX kit I wanted to incorporate the more realistic headlights.. so far what I have. Grafted the LX header panel & head light buckets into the GT bumper. Going to have to fill in the LX grille since the GT is smooth. All I have
  4. ac lines plumbed, calling the engine complete until it’s time to place into the body
  5. Thank you, I’ve done further plumbing on the engine since those pics I’ll include one later as this is the most detailed engine I’ve ever done lol
  6. Yep this has been discussed on the Mark VII fb page and below are the measurements on the 1:1, although I’m not mathematically smart enough to scale them to 1:25 lol😂
  7. did some detailing to the Windsor. Had to do more parts rummaging, distributor/boot from an sn95 5.0 Mustang kit, also had to modify the serpentine system as the Mustang drag racer kit doesn’t have AC, so clutch and compressor from a 90s Cougar 5.0
  8. Mustang floor (white), Thunderbird chassis with visual underside floor pans and rear half (red) It could be possible and i honestly didn’t think about it, but I think the fenders and rear quarters are shaped differently on the 1:1s
  9. Been awhile since I’ve updated, because I haven’t done much with it. Been sitting idle on the bench. Decided to throw together what I had. Still have a lot of work to modify the track width and ride height using the Thunderbird suspension bits.
  10. got some color laid down, still have some areas to sand then onto clear
  11. Thanks for the compliments, Didnt make much progress today. Laid down some primer and base coat. Color is going to be Tamiya TS-88 Titanium Silver. Also test fit the automatic transmission I should also mention I actually own two of these cars in real life (91 & 92) lol
  12. Too bad RM didn’t give him the green light for a stock kit, but as oddball as these cars are in real life I’ll take what I can get lol
  13. Have been wanting to build a stock version of the Revell Hot Rod Lincoln LSC for a long time and decided to go ahead and start. I know the body needs to be lengthened behind the door and the wheel arches are too flared, but I decided to leave those alone, but have been modifying the body to stock specs. the two other kits I decided to use for this. The Thunderbird for chassis, suspension and some interior items. The Mustang for the engine, exhaust, inner fenders and other misc parts, as well as the GNX mesh wheels to replicate the factory 90+ mesh wheels. test fit
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