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  1. On 11/18/2020 at 12:43 PM, Sport Suburban said:

    Wow! That's all that you sold of that one! I thought that it would have done better! If I remember you said the 62 Grand Prix didn't do well either. No love for Pontiacs?

    i may have been able to sell more of the gto's had the molds lasted longer, the 62's there was about the same amount produced, i sold half of them & Don Keefe sold the other half

  2. i am still open & mostly sell ebay & facebook, next if you are on the waiting list you are still on it, i stopped adding to the chevelle waiting list little more than a year ago. Next i am now truely a 1 man show & currently working down another waiting list, i also had to move & the new location was nothing but trouble that i hope is all fixed, lastly i always wonder why this happens & no one contacts me directly on this board, facebook, ebay or even my email, that way there are no rumors,.



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