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  1. i may have been able to sell more of the gto's had the molds lasted longer, the 62's there was about the same amount produced, i sold half of them & Don Keefe sold the other half
  2. good luck, there was less than 35 of them made
  3. sorry been out of them for years, i hate to say it but when you seen anyones resin buy it when you see it
  4. at the moment so far the master is fine, the builder has not felt making another one, lastly even if i have another master tomorrow, i wouldnt be able to get to it anytime soon, i just shipped 2 out today.
  5. Correct Todd, i am still in business not casting the ltd!
  6. there are about 36 on the waiting list, i stopped letting people on it dec 2018, if any remain after they get their chance i will auction them off until the master dies
  7. Thanks everybody, i dont think the kevin@missinglinkrc.com email works anymore, & Tom/repstock made the master, so he knows what he is talking about!
  8. I am not making any more waiting lists, that's why i auction stuff on ebay & i am working away waiting lists little by little
  9. I would love it if the title was changed, i don't think we are going to get that lucky Next Dys where did you send your message for 3 chevelle too back in 2017? i doesnt look like you emailed me back then. thanks Kevin
  10. i am still open & mostly sell ebay & facebook, next if you are on the waiting list you are still on it, i stopped adding to the chevelle waiting list little more than a year ago. Next i am now truely a 1 man show & currently working down another waiting list, i also had to move & the new location was nothing but trouble that i hope is all fixed, lastly i always wonder why this happens & no one contacts me directly on this board, facebook, ebay or even my email, that way there are no rumors,. thanks Kevin
  11. Paul i would at least like to see the pictures, if you would like to email me, kawifreek@msn.com thanks kevin
  12. larry can you get me your contact information for someone that doesnt use a computer, maybe send it in mail here? or email it to kawifreek@msn.com thanks Kevin
  13. it was a 71, just box mistake, try finding good pictures for the box. thaanks for posting Charlie
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