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  1. I do have the back seat left, it has been made to fit the revell ki & i do have a tail panel for the same
  2. i have some left over from my 70, drop me a line kawifreek@msn.com thanks
  3. windows are included they just didnt make it to the picture
  4. yes rear window is included just not in the picture & my kit works with the moebius kit!
  5. I dont think you looked at my website, mine is www.missinglinkrc.com
  6. I have too many other things to work on now before we get into what i may or may not do with this roof line
  7. 1 of the latest here! Body, side panels, seats, package tray & rear window,I hope you all like it! thanks Kevin
  8. thanks for the kind words! & oops i meant toledo/sylvania
  9. i used to sell copies of the palmer kit, while they have a great center cap, they lack any detail bewteen the center & the trim ring is non existant
  10. the target in the middle of the grille is bigger on a 71, the 71 hood does not have vents at the rear & the door panels look more like a 71 mustang on a 71
  11. the 71 grille has no date on it at all, the 70 does, i think you missed that i cast a 70 AND a 71, there are 3 difference between the 2
  12. Scott the revell torino has the console & good looking engine parts if you ask me....however there seems to be a decent amount of work to get the chassis to fit there needs to be some grinding where the interior tub meets the floor at the rear & the leaf springs need to be moved forward some....maybe use the nascar chassis instead? the body is from the mpc kit & so is almost everything else except the door panels & front spoiler, you you could use the whole nascar kit if you wanted but i dont know how well the door panels go with the mpc tub.
  13. Thank you for the kind words, the team here sure tries hard! kevin
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