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Scale I Build

Found 11 results

  1. Another two at once build. Both Revell kits that were painted the same base color..Tamiya TS-34 Camel Yellow. This was done to match the rest of my Corvettes that are also pictured here. The subjects of this build are the 2001 LeMans entry C5R and the Bad Boy Corvette that was entered at the last 2007 ALMS Laguna Seca event. Although both kits had a lot of similar painting to be done the similarity ended there. Considering they were both Revell kits they were vastly different. That's because one was a Revell of Germany (C5R) and the other a domestic release (C6R) Much more information in the picture captions. Thanks for looking. . Chassis on the C5R. Very well detailed engine and interior. For some unknown reason the hood was molded shut. Thought about opening it but cutting around the cowl and hood vents seemed daunting. So I made the whole body removable and then there is this picture. Rear veiw ov the C5R chassis and even more detail. Most of this is visible through the rear window. Chassis on the C6R. Very basice engine that is mostly covered by the intake. Hood is removable on this model ...but why. I thought the interior of the C6R was pretty decent so I took this shot. Body is removable on this build too. Both builds complete. Made the wheels steer on both and lowered the front stance slightly. Bad Boy Vette decals were from Scale Motorsports and they went on very nicely. Rear end of both cars showsdifferent approach to the diffuser and other details. The C6R had one of its radiators in the rear. Note the two pins at the bottom of the body. There are two on the other side and they insert into the chassis bottom to hold the body in place. This was necessary as the body did not fully drop onto the chassis. A common problem as gluing was never going to hold. Also note the black ribbon decal on the left front fender. This was done to honor Dale Earnhardt Sr who drove this car at the Daytona 24 Hours and tragically lost his life at the Daytona 500 Nascar race. Those hood vents were a lot of fun to open. Special Bad Boyvette graphics. The yellow in the decals did not match the Tamiya TS-34. I mixed Tamiya clear yellow and orange and thinned it slightly. Two thin coats and they came up on color. I did not plan this from the beginning but luckily solved the problem...whew!1 The wholle tribe of endurance racing Corvettes. All of these are Revell kits with the exception of the GTP Corvette in the back. Believe it or not this is a toy I found at a flea market and is a fair representation of the model.. I have the very rare Quik Skins resin kit of this car in the works. The 1/64 diecast of the C6R is a Green Light release and is pretty darn accurate.
  2. Finally completed the Corvette C6R-ZR1, #73 car, as raced at the 2012 LeMans. The model is in 1/25 scale and uses a Revell ZR1 body as the base, that was mastered by Jay Savarese; The C6R kit by Scale Motorsports donated the chassis, interior, and engine and photoetch parts; a Revell ZR1 kit donated the front and rear 'glass', the headlight and driving light lens covers and a C7R kit donated the outside rear view mirrors and the rear deck wing and struts. The main 'Jake' livery decals were from Pattos Place and other various decals were used. More detailed build info can be found in the 'WIP' section of the forum. Appreciate any and all comments!
  3. V-12 twin-turbo diesel engine in a race car? I really enjoyed building this Revell kit, a departure from my usual subjects. It is an older issue I got off ebay and I think the decals must have gotten damp at some point because I had a devil of a time with them. They would NOT release from the paper backing even after many minutes of soaking, I had to use my tweezers to get underneath and peel them off, very tense work. All in all I think it came out well and looks good on the shelf, an important milestone in racing history. Comments welcome, thanks for looking. The engine cover fits better than the photos, I just realized
  4. Kevin lists this as a '71-'72 trans kit. To me, the grille design looks a bit more like a '72. The non-scoop hood has complete underside detail. The chrome headlights will need lenses. I'm nothing to Missing Link except an enthusiastic customer. I'm just passing this info along. That's a '71 GTO promo in my photo. If you have questions, please e-mail Kevin directly at: kevin@missinglinkrc.com or: kawifreek@msn.com John href="https://public.fotki.com/jsharisky/model_cars_and_such/missinglinklemanstr.html"><img src="https://media.fotki.com/2v2HUrkJSxvfat.jpg" border="0"></a><a href="https://www.fotki.com" style="font-size:12px; font-family:Verdana; text-decoration:none;"
  5. It’s a neat little curbside kit, and I enjoyed building it. I will definitely build more of these curbside Tamiyas in the future – they are quick and fun builds.
  6. With Skyline done, time to start on another pretty box... Tamiya 1/24 Alpine Renault A442B Turbo #2 24H LeMans (D. Pironi/J.P. Jaussaud) this time - original 1979 release in a shelf-worn box! This one will be strictly box-stock - only parts that come in the box will be used. Building this for a box-stock contest on a Russian website.
  7. I just finished this , been a labor of love. It is the Panoz cup of noodles sponsored car that ran at Lemans. The kit is from Lemans Minatures. The decals are the hardest part of the kit. Each dragon is three separate decals. The hardest is the one that goes behind the drivers head. It has to lay over a bunch of different curves. The carbon fiber decals are from the kit and from Scale Motorsports. Tamiya paints were used .
  8. This is the Tamiya 1/24 scale kit of the Nissan R390 GT1 Le Mans car, and the body shell was spray-painted with Tamiya Metallic Blue over a base of Silver Leaf. Paint was polished up with MicroMesh 3200 grit thru 12000 grit, then rubbed up with Meguiar's Scratch-X. Mesh was added for vents and grills, and kit decals were used, as well as a few sponsor decals from Scale Motorsport. A lot of stuff added to the engine bay - thermostats were added to the radiators and exhaust system, hand-made shielded cable, fuel line, transmission fluid box, and tail light wiring from Model Factory Hiro, & spark plug wires from Detail Master. Exhausts were given a bit of Tamiya burnt metal powder pigments for added realism. Driver electronics are fully wired from comm. boxes, to temp gauges, to front lights. Front brake air ducts were scratch-built with parts-box leftovers. The P/E rivets and fast-release hood pins are from Scale Motorsport.
  9. Good day guys. Today I finished 'spirit of America' which is a Porsche 956 raced in LeMans 1986 and listed third at last. I would like to say that on building models, sometime i really like to reject the old but crave for the new. Recently i bought some 1/12 big scale F-1 kits, they're really great and i just can't wait myself building them. So here is this 956, my all time favourite group C car, with a really nice decal, an flag of USA. I didn't do the engine..becasue i just put this car body on my old tamiya porsche 956's chassic. Tamiya's 956 is a good enough kit that i can easily remove the car body. So here she is: had to mention that the decals on the front window should be white withe black words 'joest racing' , but unluckly i messed with that decal with some glue..so i chose the 84' Newman 956 #8 to replace it for now. Maybe fix with homemade decals next time. this time i tried a little bit different tools called 'electroplating powder'. i used this powder on wheels and front lights and i think the result is good enough to me. To sum up, i still have another 6 porsche 956 waiting for me i really like this car. Such a legend. any comment welcomed and thank you guy for watching.:)
  10. After 17 years of research, finding suitable kits, bits and decals my NART Corvette is finally done. Thoughts and comments are welcome! Regards Brian Kroon
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