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  1. Well Thank you very much for the help! Haha I am also a gearjammer myself! lol. So that means there is hope that I can cast the parts and learn something new!
  2. Hey I never thought of that! I have another Kenworth W-925 sealed in the box! Maybe I could take the slack adjusters and rods and mold them. Is there like some kind of kit you need to mold stuff with? I've never done that before..
  3. Guess it didnt attach that last time. Try it again here.
  4. Hello everyone again. I am in need of 4 backing plates and 4 slack adjusters for the amt Kenworth W-925. Was wondering if anyone had some they would be willing to sell me for a reasonable amount, or knew where I could find something like them? Thank you. Ryan
  5. Hello everyone Im building an amt peerless log trailer and am wondering if it is supposed to pivot on the dead axle in the center. I drive a log truck in real life and they do pivot, so when you load the trailer on the truck it sits on the rides on the bolster of the truck.
  6. I would like to get involved! I've got a Kenworth W-925 partially started and a peerless log trailer both where new kits. I will send a pic of what Im starting with at least in the next couple days. Gotta get to bed. Started snowing and I haul logs. Ugh! lol
  7. Ok sounds good! count me in! I have always wanted to share my work and this looks like a supportive place to do it.
  8. So I just have a few questions... Is this an actual competition with prizes and things? And what do you enter.. Is it like a picture of your model? I've never entered a competition on here before. And I am starting work on a 1971 kenworth W-925 logger with peerless trailer.
  9. I am building an original Amt Kenworth W-925 and am having a heck of a time figuring the torsion bar suspension out.. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on building this suspension or knows where I might find some info. Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated.. Im about to pull my hair out..
  10. Yes the fire truck cab on the bottom of the 3 is exactly what it looks like except its a pumper. I think your old engine that was a loadstar cabover is probly like the other truck im thinkin of. Was that the one you built in the 80's and had a pic of on here a while ago?
  11. Just was wondering if anyone made a resin cab of the international cargostar. In just day cab form or for a fire truck. Have a couple of projects im thinking of and was just wondering if someone made those. The day cab is old with round headlights I think like a late 60's and the fire truck is like an 80 with the jump seats in back and it has the round headlights with a square around them. Thanks any help greatly appreciated. Ryan
  12. Hello everyone I was just wondering if anyone out there might have an old superliner cab they would be willing to sell for a reasonable amount or work something out. Im trying to build a day cab out of one I have but i kinda messed it up a little with putty. And will probly need a better shape one unless theres a way to remove putty.
  13. Thank you! Yes I would love to see them reissue the old revell dirt bikes and tamiya bikes. They are way over priced on Ebay. I bought this one for like $50 and it was started and messed up!
  14. Just wanted to share a picture of my 1/12th scale Revell Malcolm Smith bike Im restoring. Bought this off ebay and it was a glue bomb painted up mess. frame was broken in 7 pieces, but with a little work I think its turning out pretty well so far. Its my first bike model ever.
  15. Ok will do! Its not perfect cause it was pretty beat up and plastic is very weak. The frame broke into about 7 different pieces when I went to tear it down. Will post a pic of the motor in the frame as soon as the glue dries.
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