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  1. Fujimi Wagon R that i 3d scanned the body and modded a Escalade file to fit the front, then i split the headlights and grill. The wheels are modified and scaled to 12.75" because i was going for a look not realism. The Air ride was a cults file that i made a custom rack to fit all the components in the trunk without the extra guess work.  The rest was one off parts i designed like Gucci foam stamps steering wheel, equalizer, speakers. paint is Custom colors metal flake silver and red clear coated with upol.




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  2. 8 hours ago, BlackSheep214 said:

    I don't know. Not convinced or impressed. It really doesn't prove anything especially with a pickup on a bulldozer/tank frame with threads. 

    A full size bulldozer or even a M1 Abrams tank should have been used to make a proven impression. 

    Better yet, the cost of an EV Semi would surpass a typical top of the line diesel power Semi. Nobody could afford one.

    The shermanator weighs in around 57000lbs not counting trailer weight, Actually this truck is a lot cheaper to maintain as most of the parts are off the shelf items. not sure what you mean bulldozer since normal ones also clock in around 60000lbs, the fact that it pulled that tank easily a D9 wont be much of a challenge. Im rooting for Edison this is what a trucking needs. 

  3. I dont build pickups i honestly avoid them but i bought the 99 silverado to create patreon content, one of the parts is an entire roofline chop because this truck is soooooooooooooo  duulllllllllll😑

    The body was scanned and several parts were drawn including several hoods. Since im building it i decided to make a new grill and bumper which is still in progress since im not sure on the direction i want with them i for sure want a custom 2000s look slammed on big wheels. 

    Screenshot 2023-10-01 191312.png


    Screenshot 2023-09-30 101433.png

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