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  1. Stuffed 32" wheels on a build designed them myself to give the whole swirl look
  2. 60 speaker custom system and 6 tvs. speakers are two piece currently in design
  3. seen them in action is definitely worth the purchase price
  4. Not retiring the little one i just wanted a bigger one, the price was less than what i paid for the little one
  5. Finished printing and mocking up the Desk Ripper 1/12 29" SEBikes, Big ripper
  6. printed the 1/12 SE Big Ripper 29r got some work to do with correcting stuff but it all fits
  7. Got burnt out on cars so i took a old bicycle kit i had leftover parts for and designed new parts like the fork and wheels, i had so much fun i rendered up another bicycle
  8. optional body kit was extremely underwhelming so i added the BN style flares to it, working on the rear bumper once the front and skirts are cured
  9. Started on the R32 burnout car, keeping it curbside with some blowers sticking out of the hood
  10. wanted a really gangster body kit for my truck since i didnt want to slam it all the way on 28" wheels
  11. I built it in 2011 and over time it started looking rough and parts started falling off so i decided to redo the car with new parts. first i tinted all the clear parts then i decided to throw the old wheels out which were just modified factory wheels and swapped them out with 24" KMC Nova replicas with custom brakes, then inside i added some 6x9s on the speaker deck and switched the stock steering wheel for a Nardi. in the trunk i ditched the skateboards and added a custom hydraulics system.
  12. Seriously i can see thats a scam, use common sense.
  13. Working on the Crown rebuild, tinted all the glass printed the new 24" wheels and getting ready to do the interior parts
  14. Working on a Toyota Crown rebuild, printing some new interior details with some new release parts. the "cake" is actually a chandelier.
  15. Made two different EG style Grills to give the caprice a more superfly look
  16. Scanned the AMT 76 Caprice and did a Brougham gangster window conversion, was going full top but decided on keeping it a Landau, i designed 9 different versions of side fillers and 4 rear fillers so there will be a lot of different combos coming
  17. 9 Different styles of window filler for the 1976 amt caprice, i scanned the roof, front and back to develop some custom parts
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