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  1. I'm still on the fence with this project since I won't be selling directly to people, they will be traditionally casted with soft compound tires I'm thinking 270 all around with 35 profile in the front and 40 in the back. The wheels are staggered offset 2 piece.
  2. First build in almost 6 years. I decided to use this car as a skills benchmark to see where I was at and where I need to do some work. The interior is all custom cut craft foam with printed dash,seats, and console. Outside just opened trunk, 3D printed wheels and hydraulics.
  3. Nobody under 35 wants a A67 lol, the cool supras start at A70
  4. first build in a really long time, using it as a benchmark to see where im at and where i need to improve
  5. .0011 layer heavily slowed down, sadly it had a slight layer shift
  6. Hobby Island702, Hobby One Japan, Friendly Hobbies Rancho area, and Downtown Hobby 9
  7. yeah people still get mad its not a ESV, im not fazed by the camaro having plastic tires, only takes a minimum level of skill to make them look more realistic than regular kit tires.
  8. Picked up a revopoint, its a game changer on my bench especially with the diecast poseable chassis. its also helping me bigtime with drawing bodies
  9. i bought one just waiting for it to show up im using mine for 1:1 purposes
  10. Been using the mars for a while now upgraded to a mars 2 and yesterday while doing some 1/64 stuff i realized i was outgrowing it. I got lucky today got a mildy modded saturn for 240$
  11. my site its a subscription site note: its mostly modern wheels have 1/64 to 1/10 https://www.patreon.com/Daftwheels
  12. Replica custom of a real bike as a favor to a friend, building 3 since his other customers got wind and paid for the extras, theyre completely 3d printed since nothing exists in the scale i picked.
  13. finally got to release the 84 park ave on my site i decided against a olds more than likely will go with the Parisienne
  14. Fact, not all of us had a rosy pink picture of America, I still have ptsd episodes of cops pointing guns at me for riding a bicycle on a sidewalk.
  15. Its supposed to be this, but it sat too long in a container that shouldve been sealed, tied with dirty airbrush and too high psi and was moving way too fast. im picking up a different color this weekend and trying again
  16. literally every round 2 kit lately is lousy
  17. everybody has the big slots i want original but modern thsats why i drew up the 24 inch replica of the factory wheel cover, its gonna be a running theme on a few upcoming builds
  18. fun project i got, big wheels and massive engine with 6 superchargers
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