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  1. Updating a really old build with some newer wheels the resin 3spokes started warping and they were getting long in the tooth looks wise, the wheels are BlackboxSTLs Rotiforms pretty much using the entire setup wheels, barrels, and tires. The brakes are my own design sadly with the caliper they dont fit the 19s since they were originally designed for 20" and bigger wheels so its gonna be kit rotors on this one and the saws go to my 67 impala build
  2. the 3d guys aready kitted them out im waiting on a bigger format machine to make the sport
  3. im trying to avoid chrome and polish on the wheel im going for painted look on this build
  4. stayed busy shaving the engine bay, finally ready to primer Drew up some plunge mold bubble windows for vans with matching frames those are the first of 35+ designs i came up with Completed a wheel for a future build its a floating spoke design dually wheel
  5. went deep down the rabbit hole cleaning this bay up but its ready for primer and paint
  6. i was almost at paint, but i got the new dremel and felt this was a good way to start it out. im partially shaving the fire wall today and calling the project done and move on to printing new valve covers and get the engine painted and done
  7. spent 10 minutes shaving the hoses on the passenger side and the SS vent is gone
  8. i told myself to avoid massive amounts of cutting but shaving isnt cutting
  9. thanks, its still a kit engine but amazing what some dressing does
  10. cleaned the engine bay on my 67 by moving the alternator and switching it with a kit version of the front plate electric pump combo and then i made standalone moroso waterpumps
  11. my spraybooth is still under construction but i decided to clean the engine bay up while i wait on stuff, i basically made a kit like setup with a electric pump and decided to relocate the alternator to a lower part on the engine im debating making a see through shroud since i accidentally opened up to much space
  12. all are free to download https://cults3d.com/en/users/DaftWheels https://www.youmagine.com/daftwheels/designs
  13. I got a set of those from a caster in England he makes most of the euro wheels out
  14. Shapeways issue, i came across it a while back not a issue with new LCD resin
  15. Im still heavily invested in RC and 3D printing but getting back to building in 2021 wish some low skill builds. All the custom pieces are 3D printed.
  16. Im not the least bit surprised it happened. They kept featuring the same builds show after show, ignored the younger lowriders and big wheel builders. Its also model builders fault for bringing the same builds show after show for years. MCM isnt far behind
  17. Actually everybody switched to the 3D engines hes gonna have to work hard to catch up
  18. Theyre both eldogs it all depends because hes putting all the money up for it thats something that doesnt happen in the hobby often. The riviera will be pretty close to stock compared to the eldorado
  19. More than likely they will be heavily modified since the owner of the burgundy one is willing to bankroll the entire project from drawing to casting
  20. sometime in february the weather isnt cooperating for molding and casting
  21. Bumpers are updated and the wheels are from a Saab9000. Most of my cars will have minor customization like trim delete and smoothed bumpers
  22. It was stock but it wasnt doing well with the crowds i was targeting, this is more aimed at Youngtimers
  23. Wont take much to make it stock but because of my main customer base the car will do better as a custom. minilites are easy to get im sticking with the 9000 3 spokes
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