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  1. One problem is that the interiors on the Chevelles have the floor pans attached, and you add the side panels. The idea I had for that is attached, but the detail of the interior panels is not very good. You can add your own detail if you are so inclined though. Other than that the interior is a perfect fit.
  2. Here's one I built last year. Its called the Zed Mower.
  3. Very well done! I had that model when I was a kid. I left my birthday party to go into my room to drool over it 'til my mom found me and ran me back out there. 😂
  4. Very well done!
  5. Awesome job! That is a very nice kit. I built one a couple of years ago.
  6. This just keeps getting more and more awesome!
  7. There would be a lot of real estate inside a blower case for air to start bouncing around in. I think a simple sheet metal individual runner manifold would be cheaper and give a little ram effect IMHO.
  8. Scenes Unlimited for regular stuff https://scenesunltd.com/, and 3D Scale Parts for the fancy more expensive stuff. https://www.3dscaleparts.com/
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