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  1. On 5/6/2021 at 7:56 AM, vintagerpm said:

    The HAMS show is scheduled for July 24.

    Come by one (or more) of our HAMS meetings - info is elsewhere on the HAMS web site.

    Thanks Mike for the information on the HAMS show glad to see that it’s going to take place. I may take you up on visiting one of the meetings. 

    21 hours ago, drodg said:


    Looking forward to it.


    Thanks Dave 

    20 hours ago, slusher said:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

    Thanks Carl. 

  2. 4 hours ago, drodg said:

    Well I have been following your builds and you have done a great job.  Congratulations.  

    Thanks Dave, I appreciate your following. I’ve started a new post in the WIP Diorama section to finish out the complete project. “AAR Cuda Race Pit”.  My next one will be Richard Petty’s 73 Charger with the truck and trailer they used. 

  3. Thanks Dave! I appreciate your comments and support. It’s been growing on me since January when I started building the truck. Here’s a couple reference pictures that have been inspiring me. 




  4. To start off with this is my first attempt at building a diorama. My older brother gave me the idea to build the Dan Gurney car hauler and I told him that I would include his Cuda. He started sending me pictures of the truck and trailer and there were also 2 Cuda’s not just one. I found out that Plymouth sponsored both Dan Gurney and Swede Savage as a team. So now my build grew to truck, trailer and 2 Cuda’s. All the truck pictures were at the different race tracks that they were racing at. I started with the AMT Gales-Krako Indy car transporter that includes lots of tools and accessories to support the racers. As I was building the truck and trailer I also put the race car accessories together and would add them in my WIP pictures and now have decided to make it a real diorama. I’m starting with a 16” x 36” pine board that I put a thin coating of spackling on to get a concrete surface. I then scribed some expansion joints lines. I sprayed it with a dark gray and highlighted over that with a light gray. Paint the white parking lines. My truck and Cuda’s WIP are in the WIP Big Rig section. 

    Here’s my progress pictures for the diorama so far. I also have so guys to add and a mini bike. 
    Your comments are always welcome and appreciated 






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