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  1. Thank you very much. I'd like to mention that this car will tomorrow be shipped to California so it will start a "US Tour" in some spots of America to take part of the shows and stuff, planning to take part of the NNL West and many other. I'll make a separate thread about it later. I made them from scratch. From the transparent parts tree and printed out corona logos with orange/yellow background for case. Its Zero Paints Candy Electric blue.
  2. Thank you very much for kind feedback, it means a lot for me! This took the first place http://plastikmudel.net/foorum/viewtopic.php?t=832&start=30 Not sure if you understand anything . Fully modified drift Charger
  3. This is my latest and greatest. It will also fly to California soon, to El Destructo Inc so he can take it to model car shows. I'll make a thread about it later. One day a guy called Charles gave me idea to build a street rod. There's a NNL show in North-Carolina in August, street rod and Corvette special I think, and he asked me if I would be interested to build one and send it to him later on so he can take it to a show. This idea was great so I agreed. Later I talked to El Destructo Inc and we decided I'm gonna send the car to him first, and later in August he will send it forward. Anyways... lets talk about the car now. I was inspired by this video I thougt I wanna build a model car just like that, except it would have much better Corvette ZR1 engine and chassis. So I started to look for a kit, unfortunately the Revell's 56 Bel Air kit is old and lack in detail so I looked for much better Del Ray kit. Got it+ Corvette kit thanks to Mike (El Destructo Inc) and then all the fun began. Had some heavy modifications to chassis and engine bay, as well as corvette's stuff to make them fit in old and totally different car. Modified the suspension parts and gearbox(Corvette has rear gearbox, it wouldnt fit to Del Ray without heavy undercarriage modification) It also has other details like Corona 6pack on rear seat. Carbon Ceramic disc brakes More pics to come, this forum has limit for pictures per post
  4. After the 58 Impala, I had a quick little project. I'm not fan of Japanese cars but I saw a pic of one Silvia so I thought I should make one just like that, just to get little experience. Didnt like it tho, didnt like the style of Aoshima(i'm used to Revell) and I'm more into building older cars. Inspired from this:
  5. Right after I finished the 61 Impala, I started with this 58 Impala. I was inspired from Impala in Lifestyle Car Club, named Moonflower. I didnt do replica, it was just inspired from that car. It also won 2nd place at the Estonian building contest and its displayed at hobby store among with other winners. Also made a video slideshow from it
  6. With the 63 Impala I also built a 61 Impala. I got it from guy called Charles, but I'm not sure if he is here in these forums. People in Layitlow know him(85biarritz) It is modified to lowrider and has some extra details. Most noticeable is the engraved and chrome painted frame.
  7. Six-Fo

    1963 Impala

    Okay, another lowrider after the 62 Impala. Got it from El Destructo Inc, lots of thanks to him for that. Not much of overall detail, but I did some work with trunk and paintjob. Also has little fedora hat under rear window.
  8. After 65 Impala I started with another lowrider(yes i know, plenty of them already, but there is still many to come). Lots of details included, but I'm afraid I cant remember all of them. Maybe Color bar is the most interesting of them. Also opened the trunk for hydraulic details.
  9. Six-Fo

    65 Impala SS

    As you might already think, I'm a serious lowrider fan so after El Camino I built ANOTHER lowrider . It was a real fast build, took me half a week to build it from beginning. Had too much time at the countryside. It was also my first attempt in pattern-style paintjob. It's sold for now.
  10. After my 3'rd project, the 64 Impala, I started another lowrider. My friend found this on ebay so he suggested me to build it. Just a simple OOB build. It is sold for now.
  11. Six-Fo

    1964 Impala

    After 49 Mercury I decided to build another 1964 Impala since it was my dream car and my first project, which was also 1964 and got me into this hobby, was not worth to keep on shelf due to beginner building experience. So after some improvement in my skill after Mercury build, I decided to make another one. Not much of a quality, but its good enough for 3'rd project. Has some flocking here and there and it was first time to use BMF and airbrush. Paint is Zero Paints pearl mica blue and pearl white.
  12. Six-Fo

    49 Mercury

    As I'm new to forum, I thought I might post up all my builds. Lets start from older projects. This 1949 Mercury was my second model kit ever, first one was 1964 Impala lowrider which looks too bad to post it up, you can see it in background of the pictures. (dont confuse it with another 64 Impala I'm gonna post up next) Pretty much out of box build, only added pillows to rear seat, made from old wallet leather. It is now trashed(the paint went bad in time, I repainted with airbrushed flames but i was not happy with quality) and sent to a friend of mine who did....lets say some radical work with it... with home tools and materials. But I'm not sad about it since I'm not much of a Ford fan anyways(no offence for Ford guys here) Lol Kool means school in estonian, kinda hate that licence plate for that but if I remember it was only Californian licence plate i had then. In time the clear coat went bad(direct sunlight) so I repainted it, still had some problems with quality and lack of motivation so i gave it away to friend of mine.
  13. Six-Fo

    New to forum

    Thanks for feedback, I'm gonna post up more pics in a minute
  14. Six-Fo

    New to forum

    Hey guys! My name is Siim from Estonia(Eastern Europe) and I'm new to forum. I've been building model kits since 2007 and currently I'm 18 years old. I hope I'll get along with all of you nicely and will have some good time here. This forum is new to me and I'll need some time to get used to, but I hope no problems will occour. Here I'll post all my cars together. I'll post up some more tomorrow since its late in this side of Earth and time for bed. And one question for you guys. May I do separate thread for each of the old project or should I post them all here?
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