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  1. If anyone needs any vendor tables or information please contact me. This is a going to be a great show STS Decals, Craig’s Hobbies and many other great vendors will be there.
  2. Riff Raff Scale Auto Model Car Club proudly presents the 9th Annual River City Rumble Model Car Contest and Swap Meet in Memphis TN. We will have some great vendors Like Craig’s Hobbies , STS Decals and many more. There is a raffle table and a 50/50 drawing and some great looking models on the contest tables so come join us. There will be club display tables for the club members to show off their builds. If anyone needs vendor tables or any other information please contact me. my name is Les Boyle my contact info is on the flyer and my brother’s contact info is also on there. let’s make this a great show!!!
  3. The contest is this Saturday so make plans to attend a great show.
  4. We are three weeks away from our contest and swap meet. Come join us for a great time and a great show please contact me with any questions or vendor tables.
  5. If anyone needs info or vendor info please contact me.
  6. Don’t miss out on this great model car contest and swap meet. If you need any information or any vendor tables please contact me.
  7. It’s not to early to make plans to attend the River City Rumble model car contest next June. If anyone has any questions or need vendor tables please contact me. Here is the flyer for our clubs contest and swap meet it will be held June 17 2023.
  8. Here are the results and pictures from our contest a swap meet last Saturday. If you wasn’t there you missed out on a great show there was a lot of great looking model cars on the tables. See everyone next year June 17th 2023. Here are the results from the 2022 River City Rumble model car contest. There were 167 entries in the contest Heavy Commercial 1st - James Case. 72 Pete Wrecker 2nd - Ken DenZa Pete 359 3rd - Josh Cunningham Pete 352 Misc,Odd Scale 1st - Ken Leslie. Honda F1 2nd - Ken Leslie. BMW 3rd - Jerry Mansfield. 57 Ford Primer/ In Progress 1st - David Carter 66 Plymouth 2nd - Michael Moskov 32 Victoria 3rd - Matt Cunningham. Ford C-600 Phantoms/ Concepts 1st - Michael Moskov. 32 Hearse 2nd - Fonzell Brown. 67 Wagon 3rd -Michael Moskov. 32 Ford Diorama 1st - Ken Leslie. Life’s a Beach 2nd -Jerry Mansfield Impala Motorcycles 1st- Jeremy Churchill. Scratch Built Chopper 2nd - DJ Old School Chopper 3rd - Matt Cunningham. Bone Death Chopper Commercial and Emergency 1st - Michael Moskov. UPS Delivery 2nd - DJ. 21 Police Car 3rd - Mat Cunningham. 49 Mercury Rat Rods 1st - DJ. 48 Ford 2nd - Jonh Bright 32 Ford 3rd - John Bright. 32 Ford Custom All 1st - Fonzell Brown 41 Lincoln 2nd - Jeremy Churchill 70 Impala 3rd - Ken DenZa 41 Willy’s Low Rider/ Donk Class was Split Donk 1st - DJ. 70 Chevelle 2nd - DJ. 41 Ford 3rd. - Kelly Canada 57 Chevy Low Rider 1st - Ken DenZa 59 Caddy 2nd - John Bright 58 Edsel 3rd - DJ 69 Charger Out of the Box 1st - Michael Moskov. 30 Gord Coupe 2nd - Michael Moskov Aluma Coupe 3rd - Barbara DenZa 93 Camaro Straight Line Competition 1st - Jeremy Newman 65 Nova 2nd - Butch Smith 76 Vega 3rd - Jeremy Newman. 55 Pulling Truck Closed Wheel Competition 1st - Ken DenZa 81 Buick 2nd - Jeremy Churchill Nazca Open Wheel Competition 1st - Ken DenZa 37 Chevy Modified 2nd - Michael Moskov 82 Ferrari 3rd - Ray Emory 60 Linderg Curbside/ Slammer 1st - Ken Leslie 34 Ford Coupe 2nd - Barbara DenZa. 59 Imperial 3rd - Eric Nordstrom. 77 Monte Carlo Street Machine and Pro Street class was Split Street Machine 1st - Fonzell Brown 49 Ford 2nd - Barbara DenZa 64 Falcon 3rd - John Bright. 69 Charger Pro Street 1st - Ken DenZa 62 Chevy 2nd - DJ 69 Charger 3rd - Ken DenZa 67 Coronet Street Rod 1st- Michael Moskov 32 Victory 2nd - Barbara DenZa 32 Highboy 3rd - Ray Emory 29 Roadster Imports 1st - Ken DenZa Nissian 350Z 2nd - Michael Moskov Ferrari 3rd -John Bright. Volkswagen Trucks/SUV. Class Split Trucks 1st - Ken DenZa. 60 Chevy 2nd - John Bright 72 F-100 3rd - Ken Bregony SUV 1st - Jeremy Mansfield 66 Suburban 2nd - John Bright Ford Bronco 3rd - John Bright Ford Bronco Showroom Stock 1st - Barbara DenZa 53 Ford 2nd - Ken Leslie 67 Impala 3rd - Kelly Canada 76 Torino Ladies 1st - Barbara DenZa 32 Ford 2nd - Susan Carter John Deere Tractor 3rd - Kelly Canada 96 Corvette Beginners 1st - Nixon Robison 2019 Ferrari Junior’s 1st - Hadley Robison 2011 Camaro 2nd - Hadley Robison 99 Corvette Best Ford -32 Ford. Barbara DenZa Best GM - 67 Impala Ken Leslie Best Mopar - 68 Dart. John Bright Best Engine- 66 Honda F1 Ken Leslie Best Paint -49 Ford Fonzell Brown Best Import - Ferrari Michael Moskov Best Interior- 58 BMW Best junior 2011 Camaro Best weathered- 60 Chevy Best of Show - 66 Honda F1 Ken Leslie
  9. This show is next Saturday the 18th let’s make this show bigger then last year. If you need vendor tables or info please contact me.
  10. This show is just three weeks away on june18th. If anyone needs vendor tables please contact me for any info. Come out and show your model cars off that’s how we keep this hobby and contest’s going.
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