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  1. Not as much as I would have liked to. To many buyers. I got.... MPC Knightrider 57 Nomad by revell, 53 chevy panel, 33 ford 3 window coupe, big 57 chevy1/16, Monogram ford mustang gtp, 34 ragtop, copoutzz top eliminator, Chevy corvette by mpc sidewinder, super dualie 1932 ROADSTER, ultravan, The flower rod, Lindberg lo-rider with big slicks
  2. Had a great time. TONS of kits. Some were junk some were just pieces ... some were still in plastic. Everything from Dukes stuff to planes tanks boats ... you name he probably had it.
  3. If you are here and checked the forum I am in a green chair up front. Come say hey
  4. I have no idea if they are selling these seperatly or as a lot. I hope they do the lot and I get em all. As soon as I get em and figure out which ones to keep and sell I will let you all know
  5. Heading out to an auction tomorrow simply because they have a lot of 200 OLD (I think) models. Lets pray I can score some of these bad boys. What do you think .... ? Any good ones that you can see?
  6. Well here goes nothing..... This is my first time putting one of my builds on here. I am still a plastic Padawan and learning so be gentle. I know everything will not be just as the original and I am fine with that. This is my VERSION of the truck. The color is Gold Testors One coat Lacquer pure Gold. The interior is going to be Dark Green Metallic. Bits and pieces are going to be Gold as well. Added an after market steering column. This is my bling truck!!!! I am thinking of doing the bed in clear red where the details and sparkle will show. Looking for opinions on this still. Shouldn
  7. http://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Paint_and_Construction/TAM00074522/product.php
  8. anyone know of a good place to find parts for trucks?
  9. Bro that is scary weird!!!! I like what you did with the bed. Nice change up. Also the tailpipes arent stock but are sweet. Did you drop it a tad? Also love the color. What do you think about a Gibson engine in this?
  10. Looking to "spice" this model up a bit. Maybe adding a after market engine and photo-etched parts. Any idea on an engine? Anyone know where to get after market parts for trucks?
  11. Actually it wasn't. Thus, why I asked. I guess if fellas can poke fun at religion they should be able to take it when ribbed back. BUT, if this forums rules call for no religious speak then so be it. I will abide.
  12. So I am clear here there is no talk of religion or religious subjects to be brought up here?
  13. I will tell you exactly what this Bible guy will be telling his congregation this morning.... See I told you so. The Holy Word of God tells us NO MAN KNOWS...... The Word hasn't been wrong as of yet so I will stick to that and not some 4 time loser who hasn't gotten it right as of yet.
  14. The bottom hasn't been painted as of yet. Plan on BMF the model out when all the painting is complete. Hope to put the pearl white on today. Whoever suggested a dehydrator is a pure genius. Also, be kind. I am new at all of this and this is my first time posting a picture of my work. This is my HOBBY. I do this for a stress relief from my EXTREMELY stressful job. Loving kind constructive criticism is accepted.
  15. I hope to figure out how to place pics on the website sometime today. I have the top portion of the body in paint. Candy apple red. Turned out REALLY nice for me. This wont be stock and I will make the model to my tastes and talent. I am learning more and more as I go. You guys help out a lot. I would love to see more tutorial videos from guys on here though. Maybe one on how to BMF a model. Thanks fellas
  16. No airbrush here fellas.... only spray cans. Anyone with any help with spray cans?
  17. Anyone ever use Red Candy in the Spray can? I am gonna give this a try but was wanting some how to's or tips. You guys rock. P.S. - Laid down a silver metallic base coat already over 3 layers of Dupli-Color white primer.
  18. If you decide not to show the build can you at least PM me some pics? I am interested.
  19. Who cares if it looks like the original or not? Your build .... Your way. IMO it is a MODEL that you are building. A piece of YOUR imagination and artwork. Do it your way. Looks great. Wish I had that type of talent. Cant wait to see it when it is done.
  20. I really do appreciate that. I think for my concept on this particular build it wouldn't fit....... BUT I am planning on a build here shortly for my 16 year old daughter who is driving me nuts for a VW Bug. When I start on that project I think that could be arranged.
  21. Thanks Don. I am thinking about going to Jims this week maybe I will run into you there sometime.
  22. Thanks sir. Really thankful for everyones help here. This Hobby is a HUGE stress release for me.
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