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DIY 1/24 Wood Pallets


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hi guys, im getting heavy into my diorama with ideas that come into my head, i actually enjoy making stuff for my "i wish i had the money for this garage and cars in real life" diorama haha

anyways i made a video to share my hobby and to help others, its a 40x48 pallet, weather with a torch and made of popsicle sticks and other little sticks

with a bit of time ive created something i finally am accoplished with, i hope to help another member out..

total cost of build- about $4..and that will make alot of pallets (i was on short supply of materials in video)

total time to build- 10-15 minutes, with weathering


if i get enough intrrest i will be sure to make more videos on DIY stuff


11873362_10203675036835956_9058077744441906364_n (1).jpg

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Nice job.  I have been making pallets of various sizes now for years using  Popsicle sticks.  I use wood glue and liquid weathering solution from Micro Mark, which gives the whole pallet a good weathered look, like old wood.  guess either way works out quite well.  Here is a few of my pallets in different sizes, before weathering.   I also like to make Mexican rugs.009.thumb.JPG.9cdb832f90777b6f834b7bd0ca

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