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This is my first post. I have a small collection of diecast models, all pre-assembled. I'd like to start building my models. I'd really appreciate your help with 3 questions: 1) Which kits are the best for newbies? (Nothing too simple, but nothing hard either.) 2) What would a standard set of modeling tools consist of? Does anyone sell these tools as a package? 3) Is there a book or books that you'd recommend modelers read? Thanks in advance for your replies. I'm exciting to get started!

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Hello. I have not done much with die-cast cars (I assume you are talking cars) lately but I seem to recall that Testors and Bhurago did some simple kits. The bodies were die-cast and the detail parts mostly plastic. You don't need anything special to assemble them. If you start to  disassemble built models to modify them then I would suggest a good fine-tooth saw (Zona) and an assortment of small and not so small files, sanding supplies and fillers for metal. Checking out the various builds posted on this site (not just die-cast) will help point you in the right direction.

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Welcome Steve!  Are you talking about working with die-cast or adding plastic model cars to your hobby?   Either is possible and a good hobby!  Start out with simple hand tools like the mandatory exacto number 11 knife,  add some sand papers in various grits, scissors, paints and brushes and you are on your way.  Guys will tell you about power rotary tools and air brushes, but you can advance to that if you'd like as your skills and interests grow!   Good luck!  Hope this new hobby grows on you, it is addicting! 

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