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BOS-Models 1/18 '60 Valiant (with a few minor modifications)

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BOS Models has just come out with a reasonably proportioned 1/18 resin '60 Valiant V100 that I was able to easily modify into the V200 model by changing the side trim and gutter moldings with chrome foil, and also adding white walls, the chrome trim around the trunk-lid simulated spare tire (plated jewelry wire), and adding home-made backup lights (short sections of polished aluminum tubing. The red interior was evidently only available in the V200 model in 1960 , so the minor modifications seemed appropriate to me.
I'd have preferred a different color (red or white) because I believe that the silver color is a little too bright to be accurate for the one available on the real car in 1960.....but, hey, I like the model anyway. Maybe it'll be 'repopped' one day in another color. As limited edition resin models go, these BOS-Models are quite reasonably priced (less than $100 from American Excellence) and the finish is good.






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Nice looking piece... you didn't mention what scale it is.

It's 1/18 Scale.....Thanks for that reminder. I've now added that info to my above post

Incidentally, Tom, I hope to meet you in a few weeks at NNL East

Cheers, Cliff

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Thank Cliff!  I'm gonna need one of those for my Valiant collection!

I look forward to meeting you too!  Please do make sure we meet.  Every year after NNL East someone will say, "I saw you there but you looked busy so I didn't want to bother you."   Hey bother me!  I want to meet everyone!  :)

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