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Where to locate parts for super detailing...


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I’m just wondering where I can find some better parts for super detailing a 1992 Pontiac. I’m using the ‘92 Rusty Wallace Pontiac for the base and doing a ‘92 Petty Nascar. I am trying to find a better rear end that I see on some of other super detailed projects from guys like Clay Kemp. Also the billet oil tank, and billet pulleys for the engine. 

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Check your local Hobby Lobby in the beading section. You can make pretty realistic braided lines with it. The wire comes in fine, medium and heavy. Fine for braided brake hoses, medium for fuel, heavy for oil lines. Detail Master also sells braid in different sizes. Hobby Lobby has larger blue and red beads that I use fro the braided radiator hose ends in my Century Project. The middle photo is my Adams Grand Am project. They used rubber hoses for the radiator. To get the ribbing, I used wire with a stretched out spring around it and then put heat shrink tubing over that. After it is shrunk, it looks great and is bendable because of the wire core. Look at the Drag Racing Forum. There is a sticky on braided sizes in scale and some of those folks can really detail an engine. The hose clamps are Detail Master I think but they are a pain to ses.

beads and wire.jpg

engine final 3.jpg

new engine 1.jpg

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You can also check electrical supply houses for very fine wire or hobby shops with model railroad supplies. They use fine wire for building lights and other small low voltage wiring. Also check EBAy-there are crafting places that have fine wire but it is too big for plug wires. I got that at a wiring supply place in Indianapolis.

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