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Resurecting an old AMT 68 Shelby


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I am not sure if this is one I built originally or one I got from my nephew. Anyway, it was built back in 1982. Originally painted Ruby red (?) Testors' candy enamel. It had a big hole cut n the hood so I covered it up with the hood scoop from the AMT 65 Ford Galaxie kit put on with the opening facing towards the front. It looks neat to me. The hood was cut open to allow the SOHC high rise intake and engine to fit from the AMT 66 Ford Galaxie kit.  I removed all the old paint back in 2011 and then it kind of sat in  a box for the longest time.

I got another 68 Shelby kit in 2015 to rebuild and have just started to do a build of that kit with the frame from the AMT 67 Shelby. Since I have left overs from the new Shelby build I decided to see what I could do with this old one. Here are some "before" pictures of it taken back in 2011 before I removed the old paint.




Here it is with the new frame installed and a new shiny Testors' Revving Red with wet look clear paint.




I am going to use a Molotow pen over the head lights then do a smoke cover for them. I could not get the old grille/ bumper to fit so I'll run this without any grille in it. I might find some black mesh to put in that big opening though. I will probably use a body color 67 Bumper to cover the void and split that opening in half.  That was the original plan with the front pan/grille.



Body colored rear bumper. The tail light panel is painted Tamiya TS-42 gun metal.

I am not sure what tires/wheels I'll be using as I only have one of the originals left. I have a set of black painted side pipes from the Monogram 66 Chevelle kit for it and I've found a new Pontiac Firebird rear wing for it as well. I also have the small chin spoiler to put back on it as well.

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.

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