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  1. Modern tooling, many tooling options as well.
  2. Its mind set, try to paint a smooth paint job and see how it turns out......................
  3. I'd buy quite a few of each....................................... Maybe a valiant gasser???
  4. Nice Uni!! Mine is a 65. Mine is close to being back on the road as well.
  5. Hi Ben, Can we get a pic? It would help.
  6. I have my never ending F100 project, just like my model builds............never ending. The 1st pic was today. slapped some original mid 70's Ford wheels on it and the hub caps are from my Wife's Dad's truck from way back when. Since I work more than not it seems I love to drive it to work, that is it sitting on the dock and the pic is me driving home from work. Been 2 years now since I had it on the road.
  7. You chose the right fate!! Looking very cool. I need to get back on mine but with the weather slowly warming up I'm gearing up to get working on my 1:1 F100. My 63 is an altered though but that is to cool!!
  8. I forgot... I lost quite a few cool projects and builds in a house fire years ago. The biggest 2 things other than losing your home for me was my AMT 49 merc I was building for my Dad, he passed away a year before that. That was in his and my Moms room. Monogram 59 caddy wheels with American satco white walls. reduced to a blob. In my room it was very strange I had finished and projects on a shelf and 1 would be melted and the next would be fine. Everything in cases was ok, fire never made it to my room just the heat. I was so dejected I threw about 90% of my kits in the trash. That was a
  9. Not that many but I could easily add 10 builds quick if I put my mind to it.
  10. Wow and need shades to look at that!! To say you nailed it is an understatement!!
  11. That does look very cool. I would like to try that technique.
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