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1968 GTO from Reliable Resin

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I hope Don can put together a catalog--even just a 1-sheet listing... his website is out of date and ebay listings seem to be the only way to see what he currently has.

I have a bunch of his parts and a Challenger body..great stuff!


Check out my Fotki...

http://public.fotki.com/MarcNellis/reliable_resin_pics/ or http://public.fotki.com/MarcNellis/reliable-resin-ebay-pics/

The website will be updated when Don can find the time to get with his webmaster. It's not a "self-service" website. Meanwhile, check my Fotki or Ebay for the latest releases. I'll be posting new releases here too. Lots of cool stuff coming SOON!

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Is this a correction of the Revell/Monogram kit or is it based off the original MPC kit?

Thanks in advance,

Pontiac Ed

It's from a Mint MPC kit 1/25th

Have a lot on the Plate Rt Now ............ as far as the Web Site Updates

We're reconsidering a New Host & Format ....... it's just that every week we're coming up w/ Fresh NEW product ........ it's everything that I can do as a "One Armed Paper Hanger" here to Fill the Orders List on evilBay ............. pour Fresh Rubber .......... Put the Finishing Touches on Masters ........ reply to emails ... invoice Orders ... cross ref Who Paid & who didn't ..etc.............

Marc's been a huge Help w/ Hosting & Posting on his Fotki ...... in the mean time ...

I just returned from the Keystone Nats late last nite w/ meeting w/ the Teams that I'm doing commisioned works for under my other Venture > Scale Visions .................. If any of you get a Chance to Catch the NHRA Tour this year .. well all I can say is AWESOME competiton this year !!!!!!

Here's a Shot I captured @ Dusk

Yea..... I know it's of "Whit" ........but cool Pic just the Same



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