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"ugly" in-progress vw crewcab ramp truck progress


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second try at smoothing her out.

figured out a way to get the suspension & seat height correct.

most of the interior parts were from the parts box.

since I closed the rear crew cab door I gave her the "walk-through" option.

I will shoot some primer and work on the suspension tomorrow.

This ramp truck will be part of an 'Empi' Team and will haul the "Empi Inch Pincher" drag car.

thanks for looking.

Bill Murrieta





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Is that going to be the original, blue Inch Pincher? I know the guy that purports to own it now. Funny story about it - was sold with altered VIN #'s to one of Dean's buddies after he left EMPI, because though he did all the work on it and raced it, EMPI held the title on the car. It's still blue, still has all the reinforcements in the pan, and still has a bunch of the cad-plated brackets and components, even though it's been a street/drag car since the seventies.

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he would have solved the mystery of the most sought after VW ever. This is a grail that has eluded VW nuts since the 70's. The original car was orange than painted white when it was chopped and then it was painted that super cool multi color (all candies) multi panel paint job before disappearing.

I am going to paint this one the rare 1 or 2 race "white version".

The other very famous late 60's or early 70's early chopped race bug that was blue was called "Lightning Bug". This one also had a lot of the cad plating.



There are some great websites that have documented the Inch Pincher and other drag bugs. My fav:



Bill Murrieta

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