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  1. Thought I would give you guys a preview. Working on a early repop.
  2. Fun topic to read the opinions. Harry, have fun with your new toy! I had a 2012 stang and had a lot of fun driving it! The bast way to determine what engine, acceleration, mileage is best for you is to actually drive it. It's amazing how different each set up feels different in the seat, behind the wheel. Specs on paper are just a starting point of reference. Regarding gas mileage....those quoted numbers are also to be taken with a grain of salt....your mileage may be different....do you only drive around 55 on the highway, only use premium, never have any passengers, take out the spare,
  3. Regarding the type 1 engine and trans that I modified for the master... The caster will have them cast up in late sept early oct according to our last conversation. He was hoping to sell a bunch of the rims out of his first batch of castings to help fund the engines, but has sold very few sets. Sounds like he is a little apprehensive with investing too much money in casting the engine parts if all he gets is lots of interest and no orders. Just my interpretation. He is selling right now just on Facebook which may not reach everyone?
  4. The facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/finksgarageresin Facebook page is finks garage resin More to come.....
  5. Regarding the engine parts...the Resin caster is working hard on getting some test shots done by mid August to work out any problems before producing some inventory. Because of the Baja bug kit, we agreed to push some offroad wheels and tires ahead of the engine block. I mastered a Jackman style rim along with some other surprises. Randy.... The Porsche and VW engine are very different, but are based on a similar platform, shape and principles....air/oil cooled, flat four, opposed cylinders, upright fan, Mounted at the rear behind the transmission and rear wheels. The problem is that the mod
  6. Thanks Darren, Richard, Herve and Blair! The wheels are from a Revell 56 chevy, early issue, custom version (body painted green on box). I converted them to the wide 5 bolt pattern with nut/bolt detail.
  7. Body on Chassis! Almost finished, plus have a few more ideas to add interest. Mounted photo etch safari windows and added hardware including wing nuts. Glass and latches next along with the sliding door glass. Mounted stationary glass pieces in door, sides and rear. Hard to see, but i added detail to the dash pod (speedo, 2 knobs and ignition/key). I scratch built the interior heater tube and added 2 tone interior panels to the door/sidepanels and front kick panel (copied from a Gunze hi tech pattern). Added weathered Meyers Manx Company decals, a hint of it's purpose.
  8. That same motor is basically found in the Lil Van yellow dune buggy Tom Daniel Reissue. The person that built the motor did not assemble the pieces correctly. Here is an update: I added detail to the altenator stand, adding the distinctive ribs and little hole. Also added a hoop to mimic the strap and added the electrical hook up to the top of the altenator. I took your requests for an IRS tranny and created the side covers which could be added to the Tamiya Tranny. Will also have 2 types of axles/CV joints, one from a 930 Porsche. I custom made IRS trailing arms. These are a little
  9. I changed cameras and now realized the new camera does not have a macro feature. Here are some updated pics using the macro. Again, all parts are attached using temporary gel glue.
  10. Coming soon. I posted some pics under "VW Type 1 engine" post. When the resin caster receives and can show quality castings, we'll release more info. The 48 IDA carb bodies and velocity stacks are from Replica and Miniatures of Maryland. (obviously these will not be re-cast with my parts). thanks
  11. Great to see the interest for a resin cast T1 engine. This is what I am about to send to the caster (excluding the Rep Min & Mld 48 IDA carb bodies). I modified the Fujimi engine case to look more like a VW based case. Added a dipstick tube. Fujimi Heads modified to VW. Modified exhaust ports from Porsche to VW (round). Added bolt on custom valve covers with scale bolt detail. Oil pump cover modified to VW with scale bolt detail. Altenator scratchbuilt ( 9 pieces). Still have to add connectors for wires. Modified Fan to look like dog House cooler fan and to accept empi manifolds. E
  12. This next set of pics show the smaller Tamiya Fuchs and Revell Fuchs. I made "crab leg" Fuchs with both using the front rim hoops from the Polar lights funny cars (grinding out the center section). In the group pic, the single, super skinny tire/crableg is the larger Tamiya center section.
  13. Here are some more "crab leg" options using Tamiya Fuchs. This first set of pics shows the larger (18 or 19") Tamiya Fuchs. 1st I removed some of the excess on the back of the rim to mount a skinnier tire. Then I removed all of the rim except for the center spoke piece on 2 of them. On one I mounted an aluminum rim on top of the center piece. On the other, I trimmed the center piece down to fit on TOP of the aluminum rim, creating a "crab leg" look.
  14. Any question is welcome! They got this nickname from the large, barn door type engine lid. A VW Barn door bus is the earliest model made from 1949 to early 1955. These can be in the pick up or window bus styles. They have distinct features that set them apart from the later models. They have never been kitted and must be scratch built. The most distinctive features are the sparse, pod type dash, the lack of overhang on the roof above the windshield for fresh air ventilation, and a very tall rear engine lid on the non- pick up versions. There are many other little nuances that you can read ab
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