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  1. The color has been described as either Grabber Orange or School Bus Yellow depending on your reference source. Don't have a paint recommendation for you however.
  2. I'm debating about how far to take the project. I would like to have a nice engine bay at least. Do you have any photos you can share Roger?
  3. Thanks Brian - let me know.
  4. afx

    AMT '71 Charger

    Looking for any version of this kit.
  5. Bought this built up on ebay and stripped it. Found a replacement hood but now looking for a usable stock or NASCAR front grille/nose (not the Superbird nose). If you have one to spare please let me know what you would be looking for in exchange.
  6. The ads I'm seeing are as large as member's posts - anything I can do to make them smaller?
  7. https://www.mecum.com/lots/SC0521-461984/1971-plymouth-hemi-cuda-convertible/
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