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Question for Builders in Ontario Canada

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Does anyone in Ontario know of any hobby shops that sell Paint Booths? preferably in the Ottawa area.

This is what I'm using ATM


It's served me well, but after reading up on home made booths, the boom factor has me a little wary of using it!I'm also getting tired of scrubbing the bathroom fan to get rid of the caked on dried paint.

Has anyone used the portable job?It looks great, except it doesn't look like I can vent the airflow out, like in the pic above.

---- Mike

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hey Mike,

i just posted some info i got from Passche about my booth in the tips thread. the portables are rated for acrylic paint only. try this link and read up on them.


i'm a little miffed about mine. think i paid around $300 for my 22 in. Passche around 4 yrs. ago and it's only rated for acrylic paint. cheapest one i seen with an explosion proof motor was about $900.

take care,


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well, i just talked to Brian again with Passche and he has one personally which he does spray solvent base paint through. he also said they have never had a problem with any of there booths in 20 yrs. woo hoo!!! thanks for the heads-up.

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