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spray booth CFM?

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Unfortunately, the 76 CFM fan is much too small to properly vent a 2'x2' booth. What you need to achieve is an airflow of 100 feet per minute for a crossdraft booth or 50 feet per minute for a downdraft booth (rule of thumb). The 76 CFM fan will provide an airflow of about 19 feet per minute.

A 2'x2' booth has 4 square feet of area. For a crossdraft booth you should have a 400 CFM fan, and for a downdraft booth it should be 200 CFM. Those CFM values include any airflow drop due to duct restriction. In practice, you may have to find something like a 500 CFM fan so you'll end up with 400 CFM after the ducts are installed. If you're not using any ducts (blowing straight out of a window, for example), then the original numbers are fine.

If you plan to use ducting, and know how many 45 and 90 degree elbows you'll need, as well as the length of the straight sections, I can suggest a fan to use.

Let me know...


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