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the best place to get bmf and detail master stuff

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I get a lot of stuff from Scale Dreams. The prices are about the same anywhere I've seen & they stock items from many different aftermarket companys so it saves on shipping costs if you are buying a wide assortment. But other guys have been doing this alot longer, so wait & see who else chimes in! Maybe I'll find some place better too, lol.

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BMF is Bare Metal Foil, it is used for trim around windows among other things. You can order it from the company, they also sell a how-to guide as well. Just Google the name. The product is just a very thin layer of metal with an adhesive backing, you place it where you want it, burnish it down with a q-tip or toothpick, and then carefully trim away the unwanted parts of the foil. Hope I didn't make it sound complicated, because it is not. Anything that you would normally see in chrome on a car can be well duplicated with BMF. Do a search on here and you can find a ton of uses and topics from people who can illustrate and explain their ideas and techniques. This stuff, once you get the hang of it, will give your models such an extra impact, worth the time effort and money. Have fun with it.


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