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And now for something different....WIP 52 Chevy


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Well, I had to shelve a couple of current projects for something new. A co-worker of mine, that I have built for in the past, made a request for a new build for his wife's uncle, who is dying of cancer. Apparently her uncle used to own and drive a 52 Chevy back in the day and she wanted a build of his car to present to him while he is still with us.

So, what I started with was two bodies from AMT. A 51 Fleetline and a 51 Bel Air. I needed the body lines, rear roof line and trunk area from the Bel Air along with the front roof and door areas from the Fleetline to produce a 52 Chevy two door sedan body.

From the pictures you will see how I cut the roof and door area above the beltline from the Fleetline and did the same to the Bel Air to then add the piece from the Fleetline to the Bel Air body. Extensive filler was required to the rear roof line to create the correct angle of the 52 Sedan roof.

After all of the body filler was added and sanding was done to shape the roofline then I was able to draw in the new rear window and then cut it out.

That is where I am currently at. I will still need to go back and add the beltline molding around the lower window line as well as the drip rail above the window line that runs halfway down the rear quarter window.

When finished it will have the appearrance of a mild street machine with rear fender skirts, steelies in the back and Lancer spinners in the front. The body work is most involved part of the process so the rest of the build shouldn't take too long.






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Here are some new updates.

I have been able to get the new molding added around the beltline as well as the new drip rail along the roof sides.



Then it was time to prep the body for painting and getting the chassis and engine assembled and in the car.




The hubcaps on the front are Oldsmobile Starfire hubcaps that I had to cast in resin because I only had one to work with. These were on the real car. This build should be completed within the next few days.

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Super Job on that body work. That's a very involved conversion and you made it look easy although I'm sure it wasn't. The molding turned out great. Also Hats off to you for doing the build to begin with I couldn't think of a better reason to build something than to put a smile back on someones face. Nice Job


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