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Need olds'cool inspiration? Dan Post's Box set

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The Rodder's Journal published ALL of Dan Post's Restyling guides including the famed and illustrious "Blue Book" and very early (1944) mimeographs. Just got my copies today, and man, talk about being inspired by these archaeological finds! Best thing for us model builders are the many hand drawn illustrated "how-to's", plus tons of pics of how it really was, many pre-Hot Rod magazine! This reference material is well worth reading through the sometimes archaic 40's era prose, but tips on channeling, chopping, sectioning, and slamming (my term, not Dan's) 40's and early 50's iron will surely inspire you to get something old on your bench.

If your a custom fan, I'm sure you've heard about this release. Believe the hype and get a copy. My build is on hold until I burrow though these manuals, then its off to find some early post-war kits!

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Nice low number! 697. Steve Coonan's hand must've been sore..

No doubt! Yeah, I ordered mine back in November but I didn't really expect a sub-100 number. I figured all the die-hards on the HAMB would have gotten in much sooner than me.

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Shipping costs to germany are good so I wanted to order one, but I can just pay with credit card... And she is not so popular in germany like in the US. I don't know anyone who has one. :(

The Rodder's Journal may accept a wire transfer if you ask them.

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@ $ 50.00 http://www.roddersjournal.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=47&products_id=245 I'd say you 'd really have to be into old school customs.

I guess you do, but considering that a near 70 year old tatty, worn out original is fetching much more than 100 dollars on Ebay, 50 dollars for a perfect reprint on most everything Post wrote on the subject is a bargain. One of the things I love most about the custom/hot rod lifestyle is the history. And these books are the genesis of Kustoms. Still, no beer money the week I ordered them..

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Here's what comes in the box for your $50. The originals of the three books that are circled recently sold for just shy of $300 for the three. I'd say they're well worth the money, especially if you're into old customs (and I am).


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