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Hi guys,ive started another kit a amt ertl ford bronco.

This will be the a better version of the revell 4x4 bronco that was out years ago.

So just need to know,is the engine in the kit the best detailed engine for a bronco.

If not is there a better looking engine that can be used.

Also over here on the otherside of the pond,getting testors paint isn't easy.

So would this be the correct paint for ford blue humrol 15 midnight sky.



This is how my amt bronco will look,and I'll be using parts from this kit.




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The AMT (ex-MPC) engine is pretty good for a representation of a 351M. The only better example you'll find is either the AMT 79 Bronco or the AMT Econoline van (most recently reissued as the Phantom).

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Thsnks Chris,ok after looking it over.

I've gone with the bronco kit engine,with the turbo charger fitted.

Ok now the instruction sheet isn't full of info of what parts needed to be painted.

So after hours of looking on Google to find a 1980 bronco engine painted with a turbo charger on,nothing!

Would anyone have any pics,there own built engine that they could please show me?



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