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  1. Could you get a pic of all three wheel types together to get some idea of the kit wheels.
  2. Thsnks Chris,ok after looking it over. I've gone with the bronco kit engine,with the turbo charger fitted. Ok now the instruction sheet isn't full of info of what parts needed to be painted. So after hours of looking on Google to find a 1980 bronco engine painted with a turbo charger on,nothing! Would anyone have any pics,there own built engine that they could please show me? Thanks, Rich
  3. Hi guys,ive started another kit a amt ertl ford bronco. This will be the a better version of the revell 4x4 bronco that was out years ago. So just need to know,is the engine in the kit the best detailed engine for a bronco. If not is there a better looking engine that can be used. Also over here on the otherside of the pond,getting testors paint isn't easy. So would this be the correct paint for ford blue humrol 15 midnight sky. This is how my amt bronco will look,and I'll be using parts from this kit. Thanks, Rich
  4. Ah great luv Volvo f10 & 12's See your using the revell kit,are you gonna change the wheels? Never liked the wheels in this kit.
  5. Pm me! Sorry for invading your thread Kerry.
  6. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH,that's so cool.luv the euro look. My brother had one of these and the noise of the turbo and dump valve,just made me smile.
  7. Just luv modern engines in old cars. This is the kinda thing i want to do in my camaro. Really nice build thoe.
  8. Ok my problem is with the camaro dash part. The issue is how would i work around the instrument panel funny shape. Meaning how would i go about plating it off for a flat surface. Sorry I've made this sound difficult.............
  9. Yes please Dave! Want it to have the metal sheet style over the instruments with racing type dials.
  10. Ok James,let me know how you get on. If you have trouble finding the 68 revell charger. There is plenty on eBay.uk i could always get you one and post it over.
  11. Great links,I've got the ekler vette wheels,so will just need to order the correct decals and i can crack on with mine. I'll be using the US revell 68 charger kit.
  12. Phew! That's ok then,and it's interesting to know what isn't right with the kit. One I've been wanting to do,but not just a box build. And now knowing the body is wrong,I've bought the correct car for the bodyshell.
  13. Just out of interest Jim,what parts do you make,to make the kit car into a true copy of the real car? And are the wheels in the kit,the right style to the real car. As I've seen similar wheels on corvette models and a revell panel van that look similar to the kits wheels. Sorry james for hijacking your thread. Rich
  14. Cheers guys,I'm sticking with these bad boys then. One other thing,these wheels are 19" but there is a set of 21" also. Do you think i should put 21's on the back and leave the 19's on the front?
  15. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! I'm so sick with envy.........this is one awsome build. I'd luv a resin copy of that rear axle and engine for my 69.
  16. Thanks Oscar great looking engine,and it would look so cool in the camaro. Would need to see if it would fit in my kit,and what price would be for shipping.
  17. Just got a link to this thread,and have to say great work. Sorry if this has been covered,but I'm a little thick when it comes to engines ect. Will this engine fit into a revell 69 z-28 camaro? If it will what alterations would i need to make to the front of the chassis. Rich
  18. Thanks for the comments guys,nice to get posative feedback. As for that corvette,would cost me the price of a full kit just for the engine. So will have to pass on this one,but would look so cool. A modern engine in a old school car. Wish i could get a hemi to fit,but did try at one point and made a right balls up of it. So need to leave it as a Chevy engine. Think the foose wheels will be staying,i do quite like them on the car now.
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